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Amazon Fire TV Developer

Get your app developed on the most popular Amazon Fire TV

Why develop apps for FIRE TV?

Smart TVs and set-top-boxes are changing the way of watching TV rapidly. Amazon Fire TV enables the content owners to reach out to the customers in their rooms. AWE-powered Amazon Fire TV apps help to reach out to the new viewers. Fire TV is the powerful yet inexpensive way to watch the favorite content on high definition TV screens. As being one of the most famous streaming media device Fire TV applications are high in demand. We deliver highly productive apps to our clients incorporating innovative procedures. 

Fire TV apps are available worldwide and attract global viewership. It is the platform for streaming media publishers with a high growth potential. We have overwhelming experience in building Fire TV compatible Android apps with a good portfolio on the Amazon Store. 4 Way Technologies help to leverage the best out of the Fire TV platforms. Our Amazon Fire TV developers application have the expertise in handling different platforms. Our developers are well-versed with Android Studio is yet another add-on for better Fire TV device applications. 

Amazon FIRE TV App Developer


Your own branded Fire TV app will increase the visibility of your business and services. 4 Way Technologies has the expertise to develop Amazon Fire TV apps and our intuitive Media Cloud provides the advantage of faster app launch at lower costs. The future is with Amazon Fire TV and our in-house development team is crafting bespoke applications for different environments.

Amazon FIRE TV App Developer

Amazon Fire TV Application Design

The requirements are assessed first and a prototype is designed for the Amazon Fire TV environment. All the stakeholders are consulted and a layout is presented suiting all the requirements. The focus is on the platform users and resolutions for designing a responsive app for Fire TV.

Amazon Fire TV Application Development

Our Amazon Fire TV developer is proficient in using the prototype for developing a quality application. We help the development of Video On Demand applications and live streaming. The smart TV apps that we develop will work seamlessly across different platforms supporting Amazon.


Amazon Fire TV Application Testing

We ensure end-to-end testing of the Fire TV apps with the help of a comprehensive test framework. Our effective app testing will optimize the performance of the apps and make them more user-friendly. Accurate testing is important for a proper responsive environment.

Amazon FIRE TV App Developer

Amazon Fire TV Application Maintenance and Support

Maintenance is important to keep the Fire TV device apps upbeat and running. Our maintenance and support team will ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime for a awesome user experience.


Amazon Fire TV app development is different from mobile app development though some features of Android studio are still useful but still the build-up requires accurate follow-up of the developmental procedures. We have the hands-on experience in developing Fire TV Applications which support Amazon perfectly well. We will be more than happy launching your business app to the Amazon AppStore so that users can take quick advantage of the services.

We are master in –

Amazon FIRE TV App Developer
  • Amazon Fire TV application Development
  • Amazon Fire game development
  • Multi-screen applications
  • Roku TV game development
  • Video Sitemap

4 Way Technologies has a wide range of experience in working on Smart TV app and Amazon FireTV app development and have increased the manifold in recent times. We are totally devoted to delivering high-quality apps to our clients.

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Amazon FireTV is a digital media player developed by Amazon. The device is a small network appliance that is capable of delivering digital audio and video content streamed via the internet to high-definition television. It also allows users to play video games with the included remote control, using either a mobile app or a game controller. The device comes in two form factors: FireTV, a set-top box, and FireStick.

Of course, it’s beneficial to have Amazon Fire applications. Amazon FireTV can be used with any smart TV or there are other several other devices, in turn, earning profit from every household. There are many devices of FireTV 

  • FireTV – smart TVs with FireTV built into the TV hardware. 
  • FireTV Cube – cube form-factor of FireTV devices. These devices offer far-field voice control. These devices are a blend of the Echo device and FireTV. 
  • FireTV (pendant) – a pendant shape device (small box hanging from a USB cable) or either a set-top box.
  • FireTV SoundBar – FireTV devices that are in the form of a SoundBar. These soundbars connect to the smart TV and deliver a rich sound system plus good video quality.

Fire OS is the operating system used in FireTV. Fire OS is the operating system that runs Amazon’s Fire TV and tablets. Fire OS is a fork of Android, so if the app runs on Android, it will most likely run on Amazon’s Fire devices too. There are three versions of Fire OS:

  • Fire OS 7: Based on Android 9 (Pie, API level 28). 
  • Fire OS 6: Based on Android 7.1 (Nougat, API level 25). 
  • Fire OS 5: Based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop, API level 22)

As Fire OS is completely based on Android, this question is so frequent. Getting an application developed by android developers and then launching it on Amazon FireTV seems a perfect idea and cost-efficient. But hiring a specific team of Amazon FireTV developers is always a good and profitable step as many functionalities and queries of Amazon FireTV can’t be handled by Android developers. There are pure chances that they encounter some kind of issues which are totally different from Android or errors that can be corrected without the adequate knowledge of Amazon FireTV. It seems very simple and easy to get an application done for Amazon FireTV by Android developers but the root of developing an Amazon FireTV is way too complex to handle by developers who are not aware of Amazon FireTV.

As we have a dedicated team of developers who are expert in Android and as well as Amazon FireTV, they exactly know how to develop an application that can make you stand above all the opponents. Steps we follow are –

    • Strictly follow the Amazon Appstore Content Policy
    • The application environment according to the business need and end-user interest. 
    • Create new versions of your existing Android apps on the Amazon Appstore with our App Submission API.
    • Help to securely connect with millions of Amazon customers and personalize their experiences.
    • Build rich multi-screen experiences for Amazon Fire TV.
    • In-app purchasing experts, develop applications as per the Amazon guideline. 
    • Monetizing your apps across platforms with great eCPM and high-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers.

Developer options are to be found in “Settings”. 

Steps are as follow as – 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Device
  • There you’ll be able ṭo see Developer Options 


  • Go to Settings 
  • Scroll down to Device Options 
  • Go to Serial Number field click on it for 7 times
  • Developer Options show up at the bottom of the screen 

An application specifically developed for Amazon Fire TV, keeping in mind all the scenarios and surroundings of Amazon Fire TV are called Amazon Fire TV app.

Amazon Fire TV OS, Fire OS is based on Android and hence having many similarities in coding but it accommodate different hardwares i.e. Amazon hardwares and Amazon services instead of Google services used by Android. The application store is also different for Amazon Fire TV and android as Amazon Fire TV uses Amazon Appstore and Android uses Google Play Store. Even after so many similarities you can’t say that two of these are same. 

Amazon Fire TV works via the Internet. It is pretty much alike to other streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV. 

Steps – 

  • Connect to the Internet, either through ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  • Log-In to your Amazon account 
  • Use remote control, to make selections or navigate through home screen or to open applications

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