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Application Security

Worried about security, making your application secure is our goal.

Application security means security measures taken at different levels that aim to prevent data or code within the application to being stolen or hijacked or get infected. Security is being considerate at different levels – 

  • App Development
  • App Design
  • App Deployment 
  • App Upgradation 
  • App Maintenance 
Application Security Testing

Why 4 Way Technologies?

4 Way Technologies work towards securing the client’s business. We secure your applications so that your idea and your product will never fail your customers like we don’t fail ours. We work on the latest security techniques. We don’t work as individuals, we work as a team, we have analysts, testers, dedicated operational team. Our team works together for application security. Our team consists of skilled and hard-working members achieving the goals and delivering robust, scalable, secured projects on time. We believe in customer satisfaction, whether it’s of our client or end-user, we always deliver secure products. We perform all the testing, reviews and take security measures as per our client’s need. Our application security team works on new emerging techniques to avoid future bugs and help you to reach your target audience without encountering any security issues. We are here to help you by protecting your projects so that your customers will stick with you and so do your sales. 

We improve security by –

  • Finding
  • Fixing
  • Preventing further Security Vulnerabilities 

What we do-

  • Prevent Potential Attacks 
  • Manage Application Security 
  • Integrate App
  • Fix Security Issues to Avoid Breaches
  • Plan workflows

We also work on – 

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Encryption
  • End-Testing

Review Techniques we use

WhiteBox Security Review

Also called code review. In this our security engineers deeply understand the application through manually reviewing the source code and noticing security flaws. Through comprehension of the application vulnerabilities unique to the application can be found

BlackBox Security Review

In this our developers only review use of an application testing it for security vulnerabilities, we don’t go for the source code in this review.

Design Review

In this kind of review we go over the designing of the application to understand it’s working and security threats, before code is written working through a threat model of the application. We sometimes require a design document as well to understand the working better.

What we do?

  • Dynamic and Static Code Review

    We review the code from the base to make the code doesn’t have flaws and any missing functionalities.

  • Security Check of each module

    After reviewing the code our team checks each and every module of your application for security measures and makes sure which module lacks what.

  • Analyze and Evolve the Application

    After reviewing the code our team analyzes and works on the application to evolve in terms of security.

  • Automate the security process

    After working and evolving the application our team works towards automating the security processso there won’t be any future issues.

  • Take necessary Security Measures

    We believe in working towards satisfying our client so we take all the necessary measures to make sure the application is secure and free from all the future threats.

  • Security measures for the data on stored Cloud

    We also pay attention to the security of the data that is stored on the Cloud because it is also at a great risk of getting hijacked.

  • Review and test third-party components

    The third-party components used in the application also need to be reviewed just to make sure it won’t be a threat to security.

  • Further testing of the application for Quality Control

    After taking all the necessary steps our team will further test your application for quality control of your application and to make sure nothing is going wrong.

  • Monitoring the progress and changes

    At last we monitor the application and it’s progress for a fixed time duration to make sure there is no security threat and the application is working just fine.

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