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Month: December 2019

React Native App Development

React Native: The Cross-Platform Framework

What is React Native? Is it really a combination of ReactJS and Native? React Native is an open-source framework for mobile application development in addition to web application development as well. It is released by Facebook in March 2015. React Native is one of the widely used cross-platform mobile application development frameworks. It is used …

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ROKU’s Static Analysis Tool and it’s Command Line Utility

ROKU Developers introduced “Static Analysis Tool” which scan’s a channel’s source code for common ROKU development errors. ROKU development team introduces a standalone version of the feature. This simple tool helps developers to regularly analyze their channel during the process of development and identify channel certification violations before submitting a channel for publication. The channels …

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ROKU Analytical Support

Analytics is about turning raw data into useful information. It is about discovering, interpreting and communicating data into useful and meaningful patterns, then applying these patterns for effective decision making.  ROKU Developers provide ARM developers with the much needed “Analytics Support”  The Analytics Tool provided by ROKU development team helps to scan the channel’s source …

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How to Integrate Google Analytics for Roku Application

ROKU applications/ channels integrated with Google Analytics is must nowadays. As Google Analytics can be used to track page views, content playback and button clicks; and in addition to this Google Analytics can also track Internet service provider, speed, real-time/ online users and many more such things.  Page-views and events that occur on ROKU devices …

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Important ROKU Development Tips

ROKU Developers released a series of important development tips for the ARM developers, who are looking forward to developing amazing applications for the users without chaos.  What are the tips?  Capture all events sent by roVideoScreen.  Keep a check on processing power. If your developed channel experience low frame rate or laggy transitions, processing power …

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What are Highlights of ROKU OS 9.1?

As ROKU has launched it’s new OS 9.1. The ROKU Developers added new amazing features to this update for the better user experience, like enhancements to voice capabilities – Voice Search, Guest Mode, Automatic Account Link and other improvements to overall streaming performance across ROKU devices. What are Voice Enchantments? This new feature will help …

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