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5 Myths of Mobile Application Development

Myths of Mobile Application Development

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This blog will provide you with information of top five myths about mobile app development.

So, let us start!

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. What is a Mobile Application?
3. 5 Myths surrounding Mobile Application Development
4. It’s all About the Idea
5. App is all About the Coding
6. Customers will Stick to the Application
7. Greater the Graphics Higher the Ratings
8. More the Features, Better the App
9. Conclusion


Mobile phones or smartphones as they are called are something everybody owns, be it teenage kiddo or a 50-year-old. As everybody owns a mobile phone there are 10 thousand plus mobile applications available for all age groups on both iOS and Android. 

Mobile applications are something that makes a smartphone really a smart one.  No doubt people all over the world use smartphones and mobile apps but almost half of them aren’t sure about two things, first, what are the mobile applications, and second, what are the myths of mobile application development or what is the truth about Mobile app development.

In this article, we will together grab some knowledge about the top five myths surrounding mobile app development.

What is a Mobile Application?

Mobile application or mobile app is a computer program or software program that is developed for mobile devices, not just phones but also for tablets or smartwatches. 

Mobile applications were basically developed for essential assistance and productive services like calendars, emails, or contacts the things a person needs handy. But over the years, with the raising in the number of mobile phone users the type of mobile applications also rapidly grow like there are now social media applications, mobile games, etc.

Nowadays there are applications available for every purpose, you want to track your steps – download the application, want to read books why bother to go to market – you can read it on your application all you have to get the application. 

In fact, the famous American technology columnist and writer David Pouge renamed smartphones as app phones to distinguish between the earlier smartphones with lesser applications to the modern-day phones available with 10k+ apps. 

5 Myths surrounding Mobile Application Development

In the 21st technological century, a mobile application is not just “an application” it is a business strategy that every business be it educational institutes or pharmacies, every business is moving towards mobile applications to stay connected to the customers and to earn a larger audience.  With mobile apps comes the most important underlying process that is Mobile App Development.

Mobile app development is not just about learning about the program or coding but much more like researching about the competition, potential customers, planning the outcomes, designing, and many more small things that people don’t consider but are essential to make the app a success.

Mobile app development has thick clouds and a number of myths related to it. So I try to clear the vision of the mobile app developers a little by stating the 5 most dangerous myths of mobile application development.

1. It’s all about the Idea

An outstanding idea is what makes a business successful and developing an excellent mobile app is no different. Every time you develop an app, make sure to scrape out a unique and feasible idea that can be scalable and practically suitable to be executed.

Every now and then, thousands of people come up with incredible ideas for mobile applications but only a few hundred of them turn out to make the application and even fewer have their applications running successfully.

Hence, it’s not just the idea but one should also consider the idea closely with the mobile app budget because, with different types of apps and technologies, the budget can fluctuate. And background research about the idea and the potential competition is also needed. So, make sure to link the app idea and budget together.

2. App is all about the Coding

The top myth about application development is web or mobile or desktop that it is all about coding. People believe that mobile app development is only about writing codes and executing them. Though, it is much more than coding.

Coding is obviously the foundation for developing Android and iOS apps, but there are other elements that go hand-in-hand with the coding to design and develop a decent, running application.

Mobile app development is about coding, UI/UX, the efficiency of the app, toolkits, languages, frameworks, features, graphics, and frontend.

3. Customers will stick to the Application

Once the mobile application is downloaded that doesn’t mean that the customers will stick to it forever or you’ll gain new customers.

For example, people download many applications on their mobile phones, but they use only a few apps daily, and other apps remain idle or even the applications that are being used can be replaced with better variances of the application with better UX/UI or features.

So, if the users don’t use the app regularly even after installing it won’t become a hit and if the mobile app developers won’t provide regular updates and bug fixing the application can be off the market.

4. Greater the Graphics Higher the Ratings

Without a doubt, the finest quality graphics surely are one of the key features to successful app building, but it isn’t the assurance to maximize the number of downloads. Apart from great graphics, there are many other things that are equally accountable for the success of a mobile application like combining precise performance, simplicity, user experience, user interface, efficiency, response time, etc.

Only after blending these elements with the graphics, the developers can expect to get a nice user rating on the app stores.

5. More the Features, Better the App

Having as many features and making the mobile application the exact version of your web app is a mistake almost everyone commits. Most of the developers prefer to shove more features into the app to make it cooler and loveable, mostly unnecessary features and increasing the load time.

If you want your mobile application to be successful and loved, keep it simple, easy to use, and most importantly work on the idea of why you develop the application instead of stuffing it with unwanted features.

The mantra should be “Easier the application, more famous it’ll become” not “More the features, better the application.”


We hope you will find this blog helpful. This article unfolds the 5 most popular myths of mobile application development. Next time while developing an application or coming out with an idea one should keep all these points in mind to develop an amazing, user-friendly application that can reach the masses without any obstacles.

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  2. Hi, Very nice blog, It gives very useful information regarding mobile app development. For people who are searching for these types of services, it is very useful thanks for sharing.

  3. People have wrong concepts about mobile app development. You have summed up some common myths very well. Hope it helps to clear the confusion. thanks

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