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7 Steps to Develop Innovative Mobile Applications

Mobile App Development

Mobile phones or smartphones as they called are something everybody owns be it teenage kiddo or a 50-year-old. As everybody owns a mobile phone there are 10 thousand plus mobile applications available for all the age groups on both iOS and Android. Mobile applications are something that makes a smartphone really a smart one.  And hence, to make sure your application just didn’t get the attention but also stays with the users is definitely a tough task. To develop a successful application, mobile app development should be a methodical approach. 

What is a Mobile Application?

Mobile application or mobile app is a computer program or software program that is developed for mobile devices, not just phones but also for tablets or smartwatches. Mobile applications were basically developed for essential assistance and productive services like calendar, emails, or contacts the things a person needs handy. But over the years, with the raising in the number of mobile phone users the type of mobile applications also rapidly grow like there are now social media applications, mobile games, etc.

Nowadays there are applications available for every purpose, you want to track your steps – download the application, want to read books why bother to go to market – you can read it on your application all you have to get the application. 

In fact, the famous American technology columnist and writer David Pouge renamed smartphones as app phones to distinguish between the earlier smartphones with lesser applications to the modern-day phones available with 10k+ apps. 

Steps to Develop Amazing Application

1. The Idea 

For every problem, there’s a solution, can you make an application for it.

The very first step for developing an application is to get the idea. But it shouldn’t be some random idea, it should be more practical as a real-life problem or issue you face or most of the people face. Think about the problem and its causes, finds a solution for it. Now the most difficult part can this solution be developed as an application, like a virtual helping hand? If yes, go for it. Decide the features and working of the application and do leave room for future updates. And remember it is not all about mobile app development, it’s about addressing the problem and providing the solution so your focus should be that. 

2. The Platform and Devices 

Can your target audience access the application? List the platform and devices which can support the application.

The amazing idea isn’t enough to make an application successful, you have to keep in mind your target audience, are they able to access it or understand it, or is it easy to use?  After examining the target audience next step should be considering the various mobile platforms, operating systems, devices, and frameworks that you’ll be using to develop the application. Mobile platforms and devices should be decided on the basis of hardware performance, battery life, etc. 

3. User Interface / User Experience 

 UI/UX should be amazing to keep the users engaged

Designing an application is another major part because if the designs aren’t correct how you can expect the users to get attracted. Mobile app developers should also spare some time on UI design, frontend programming with keeping in mind multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices and consider platform design standards as well. 

4. Don’t limit the Application

Instead of going for just one platform, go for multiple be it for Android and iOS or Web. Develop an application that fits every platform.

If your idea is fantastic and you think it can win over the audience then why limit yourself with just one operating system or platform why not develop and release the application on all the platforms. 

5. Testing

Test the application, send the APKs to your friends and family ask them for reviews, work on the bugs.

The most crucial part of developing an application is to test and verify it before launching it. Checking it, before it hit the stores and reaches the target audience. After reviewing code by yourself and fixing bugs you can obviously use a second opinion. Before launching send the APK to your friends and families and ask them for the reviews, work on them to make the application more lovable before the launch.

6. Big Launch

Best and Nervous Part of the Launch

The step where your invention will hit the market and make you proud. While launching your application make sure you upload it carefully with all the necessary details.

7. Updates

Make sure there will be room for updates.

Anything that keeps on changing and getting better will wins the hearts. So one should always leave room for updates. Make changes, fix bugs, come up with new, better, easy-handling designs to keep the users.

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