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AngularJS Frameworks for AngularJS Development

Top Angular Frameworks

Hey! Are you wondering how AngularJS developers deal with broken links and unresponsive websites?

Then, you are in the right place.

Google introduced the most responsive framework-AngularJS which is no less than a magician’s toolbox. This framework helps to make the front end development process simple and manageable as AngularJS builds high-end, impressive websites with extra features using minimum codes, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Even, testing is much easier with AngularJS as the feature of module separation allows AngularJS developers to implement automated testing and loud required services without any effort.

The popularity of AngularJS lies in its feature of building several modules. AngularJS permits the AngularJS developers to create various modules employing a single app. The framework is suitable for any kind of project as it doesn’t require back-end modifications.

Today, most companies use AngularJS frameworks to develop their web apps. But the question is how do they know which AngularJS framework works best for them?

Let’s find the answer together!

Table of Content
1. What are the best AngularJS Frameworks?
1.1 Lum X
1.2 Ionic
1.3 SuperSonic
1.4 Angular UI Bootstrap
1.5 Radian
1.6 Angular UI Grid
1.7 Angular Foundation
1.8 Videogular
1.9 Protractor
1.10 Mobile Angular UI
2. Conclusion

What are the best AngularJS frameworks?

Sometimes application developers face difficulties in pacing up and offering better results within the specified time. Hence, they need streamlined frameworks, which are efficient and powerful in achieving complex tasks with less effort. 

When we talk about AngularJS development, the first thing that comes into mind is AngularJS frameworks as they are simple, capable, and more efficient. Some of the best AngularJS frameworks are as follows:

1. Lum X

Lum X

Firstly comes Lum X – the first fully flexible front-end framework based on Angular and Google Material Design specifications. Lum X is one of the best choices for web development as the features of Lum X allow AngularJS developers to build user interfaces under Google guidelines. 

Not only that, but Lum X relies on AngularJS to support the AngularJS development of web applications based on the MVC design pattern. If you’re searching for tailor-made apps, then LumX is unquestionably the correct selection since Sass, AngularJS, jQuery, Bourbon, and Neat create them.

2. Ionic


Then, comes the Ionic – a robust front-end AngularJS framework. It does not just help to build web-based applications and mobile applications. But, Ionic is best to develop a responsive design, convenient interface, HTML5 and CSS3 based mobile applications & default mobile app UI components with Cordova and PhoneGap.

3. SuperSonic


SuperSonic – the first front-end AngularJS framework. It is not only popular for developing hybrid applications. But SuperSonic works with AppGyver’s native wrapper and allows users to write HTML with CSS that maps your HTML to access native APIs and fully native interface. 

The amazing thing is that making use of REST API (Application Programming Interface) functions and components, help AngularJS developers deliver the finished projects within the given time frame.

4. Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap – known for its strong back-end elements like Bootstrap CSS, AngularJS, Angular-touch, and Angular-animate. The directive that includes the elements has external markup. These elements feature robust apps with a more straightforward implementation, HTML5 and CSS3 support, and mobile elements like sidebars, switches, scroll bars, date-picker, drop-down, and more.

5. Radian


Radian – a well-built AngularJS framework. It is suitable for developing high-level web applications fast and effectively as this framework follows the AMD structure. Radian could be the best choice if you are working on a big project that demands high performance. 

The framework supports different types of files like SAAS, JADE, CoffeeScript, and Vanilla JavaScript files. But still, the Radian framework was criticized for producing the lack of coordination among the AngularJS developers. 

6. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Grid

Have a project with sophisticated features and modules? Then, the Angular UI Grid framework is what you need to select. This framework is suitable for operations like filtering, sorting, visualization, complex mathematical operations, and expanding the rows.

7. Angular Foundation

Angular Foundation

Angular Foundation – the most recent version of the Angular framework. This framework contains a considerable number of directives built upon CSS and foundation Markup. The framework eases in adding the dropdown, trigger, accordion, alert, method bar, etc., and follows a pretty simple procedure.

8. Videogular


Videogular – an AngularJS framework that is perfect for creating HTML5 based web or mobile applications. The fascinating thing is that as this framework depends on the HTML5 context, you will get added advantages with features like plugins, themes, binding properties, etc, that are mostly absent in other frames. This framework allows easy binding with the API.

9. Protractor


As you are familiar with so many frameworks, you are ready to know about the second last framework. Protractor – one of the dynamic end-to-end testing frameworks for Angular and Angular JS applications. 

Protractor tests like a user support strategy from the user side and automatically executes the next level as soon as the webpage finishes up with its pending tasks. Testing of modules can be done in the actual browser after the implementation.

10. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI

Last but not least, Mobile Angular UI – one of the broadly used frameworks to build HTML5 mobile applications.

Mobile Angular UI is optimized for Bootstrap, AngularJS, and supports various libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js. Varied mobile components are available in this framework namely switches, scrollable areas, overlays, sidebars, and more. 

Mobile Angular UI is not less than a magical tool as using this framework, you can easily create flexible user interference, and that could transform the web-based applications into user-friendly mobile apps.


We hope you found this article helpful. After going through the above information we understand that web application developers have altered their techniques extremely because of these web frameworks that make things simpler, faster, and easier.

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