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Five Tips for Amazon Fire TV App developer

Tips for amzon fire app development

4waytechnologies has been very successful in designing and developing Smart TV applications with intuitive features for clients across various countries like US,UK and Australia, we use the latest technologies to build versatile applications required by the clients. Amazon Fire TV has been used by many people all over the world owing to its extensive set of benefits and the brilliant user interface.

The Amazon Fire Tv developer should ensure that the application developed be made available for the Fire TV as well so that user can download the app to their Fire TV instantly.

In the Amazon Fire app development process, the developer needs to follow certain guidelines, make few changes to the APK to have their app on the Amazon Fire TV. Foremost, the developer needs to know about the layout, orientation and the dimensions of the Amazon Fire TV view.

Additionally, the developer should ensure that the user experience while interacting with a TV at a distance is perfect with the navigational patterns. Some of the tips to be followed in the Amazon Fire app development are as follows:

  • Understanding the 10-Foot User Experience

In the Amazon Fire app development, the user interface of the apps must be simple, clean with less information density. There should be minimal design elements and the interface components like the menus, button, and images. Additionally, the developer needs to make sure that the elements are quite large and space far from each other with a very minimal amount of text. The large type sizes are suggested to texts of at least 14sp.

Since the TV has high contrast, cool colors are suggested for the apps in the Amazon Fire app development process. It is necessary to know about the screen types to create an engaging user interface for Amazon Fire TV.

  • Interpreting the TV Over scan, Color ,and the Text

Overscan is considered as space the TV manufacturers reserve around the displaying area of the screen. The developer should be aware of the Overscan area while developing the apps for the Amazon Fire TV. This overscan space limits the region in which the developed app can successfully render its user interface.

In Amazon fire app development, it is highly recommended to not place any of the application user interface elements within outer 5% of the edge on the screen. By doing this, no user interface will be left out while viewing in the Amazon Fire TV screen.

  • Interpreting the Amazon Fire TV Navigation and Notifications

The general navigation starts from the home screen that has the global navigation menu on the left side. The global navigation menu enables the user to select the major content choices, perform search operations, navigate to home, movies, tv, games, apps.

When the user hovers on any of them, the home view of the that chosen option gets displayed on the right side. In the Amazon fire app development, the user must be able to navigate between the rows of content using up and down buttons, move back to the previous navigation menu with the left button.

Menu Notification should be considered in the Amazon fire app development. Within your app, informational, media and modal notifications can be used.

Alert dialogs can be used to create the modal alerts within the fire app. The Amazon Fire TV SDK Add-on needs to be installed after which the Amazon device notification namespaces also needs to be imported, this is how you need to import the namespaces to the code.

import com.amazon.device.notification.Amazon Notification;

import com.amazon.device.notification.Amazon Notification Manager;

  • Precise Handling of Web Content

The developer needs to remember that the Amazon Fire TV does not include a Web browser. To use the web content, WebClient Of Webview must be set and override URL overloading must be enabled.

In Amazon fire app development, the external browser never gets accessed, only the Web View gets loaded

  • Updating the Views for Amazon Fire TV

In Amazon Fire development, the screen is displayed with the landscape orientation. The default resolution is 960dp wide and 540dp hight. The developer has to ensure that the sizes used in the application scales well with the Amazon Fire TV. In the Amazon Fire app development, the scaling gets forced into the portrait mode. To avoid this, you will have to call set Rotation on the view like my View.set Rotation(90f).

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