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How to deploy your webOS app for the LG content store?

How to deploy webOS app for the LG content store?
Steps to deploy webos app for the lg content store

Once you have developed an LG WebOS app, you will definitely look forward to publishing it to the LG content store for mass distribution. This step-by-step guide will help you to develop your Smart TV app and submit it for LG’s review and publication without letting you fall into the pitfalls.
Let’s deploy the LG WebOS app together!

Step 1: Export Application In IPK Format

  • Open WebOS IDE and select your app then click on WebOS menu
  • Select the Export Application (IPK/ZIP) option
  • A new window will appear where you can select the desired file to generate,  Minify or Non-Minify.

Here, minify stands for removing all the unnecessary characters from the source code without changing its functionality. These characters add readability to the code but not required for the execution. 

      Whereas minified source code makes the code almost impossible to read and edit, therefore, not recommended for development. When development problems ramp up, you willing to see the source code and try to make small changes that are much easier to do with non-minified source code.

However, minified source code has a smaller size and download speed that makes it preferable for the production.

  • Select Minify and click on finish

This will create an .IPK file of your WebOS application

Step 2: Create An LG Seller Account

Go to http://seller.lgappstv.com/seller/member/register/memberMain.lge and create an account

Step 3: Fill Check-List

  • First, log into your LG seller account
  • After login on sidebar menu click on Self Check-List option
Screenshot (11).png
  • This will download an excel file
  • Open this Excel file and provide accurate information which has been asked.
  • There, you can only fill three option, i.e.,  “N/A”, “PASS”, “FAIL”.
  • If there is a failed item, then, you should submit the app post debugging.

NOTE: Please read every point carefully and provide accurate information to the tester, else the app can be rejected for not providing accurate information.

Step 4: Create UX-Scenario PPT

Screenshot (11).png

. Clicking on UX scenario, you will be able to download a PPT

  • Open this downloaded file and edit it as per the given instruction on this file and paste all the screenshots.

Step 5: Upload Your Application

Screenshot (11).png
  • Log in to your LG seller account and click on the app submission process.
  • There will be four sections where you have to fill information, that are:
  1. File upload
  2. Images
  3. Service info
  4. Test info
C:\Users\Design my space\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Screenshot (12).png
  • In the file upload section, you have to upload IPK file which you have created in step 1 and fill file-related information.
  • In the images section, you have to upload images of your app like Icon, background-image, etc.

NOTE: Please upload all images and icons carefully according to given resolution, sizes, and colours. 70% of the app rejected due to the wrong icons and images.

  • In-service info section, you have to fill in the desired country to launch your application and the age rating for a particular country.

NOTE: Please display content on your app according to the age rating.

  • In the test info, provide information for tester like Test accounts, passwords, additional information and attach your files which you have created in step 3 and 4.

Once all the information filled correctly, then, click on the submit button. Your app is ready for the QA processing phase. If your app satisfies the LG SmartTV Guidelines and Functions properly, then, it will be ready to publish on the LG Content Store.

Now, you are ready with one more tool in your toolkit.  

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