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A Detailed Insight into MEAN Stack Technology

MEAN Stack development

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid change in the scenario of web development. Through the usage of open source web-based applications, it has been possible to blend and stack together different tools and technologies for ensuring a faster, more efficient and functional web development process which has made knowing about platforms like MEAN Stack of crucial importance. For those who are wondering what is MEAN Stack, well, know that it is a free, open-source composition of the JavaScript framework that is used to develop and build web applications.

And keeping in mind this very willingness of yours to understand this modern technology of MEAN Stack applications, we, at 4waytechnologies, are here with this detailed insight into this next generation technology. So, let’s delve deeper into the technology, its usefulness, its purpose and future possibilities; so that you won’t remain a novice to implementing the versatility and application of MEAN Stack in the most effective way.

About MEAN Stack

Very much adaptable to JavaScript, MEAN Stack technology has been designed in such a way that developers can quickly begin building web apps, that also with absolute ease. Moreover, configured modules like the Passport and Mongoose are also easily accessible with it. Built with the finest compilation of high-tech methods, the word ‘MEAN’ in it stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Let’s find out what they are.

MongoDB – Helping in building database by storing and managing it, MongoDB provides an easy transfer of data from the client to the server.

ExpressJS – Usually applied in building web applications, this web framework can handle cookies and comes with amazingly strong features for creating single as well as multi-page web applications.

AngularJS – Well, this front-end JavaScript framework has been developed by Google. Coming with features like data binding in two-ways, it simply provides a complete solution for developing and testing web applications easily.

NodeJS – Acting as the server platform, it has a feature that can use both the languages of the front-end as well as back-end. It can also combine the codes of JavaScript into native machine code before executing them.

Usefulness of MEAN Stack

There are ample benefits of switching over to MEAN Stack, in case you’re thinking about what you can gain from relying upon it. For example, MongoDB is a database that stores documents, unlike other SQL databases and hence it does not require any assumed database schemes or rules for creating field guidelines, leading to a quick addition, editing or removal of data. This technology also does not involve usage of varied languages. Rather, it helps in developing an application easily and its features also support in running the applications smoothly as lesser time is required while loading a page. Well-suited with operating systems like MS Windows, Linux, and MAC OS, it also supports NodeJS.

Apart from being tremendously advantageous from different aspects, the essential feature that helps in defining the MEAN Stack architecture is its advanced effectiveness and open source availability that results in highly productive work output. As the platform is free, most of the organizations can easily avail its benefits.

Latest Development

MEAN Stack architecture has been composed in a way that it implements a similar code, beginning from the side of the client to the server and reaching to the database. Web applications can also be done by the programmers effortlessly through MEAN Stack technology in a much convenient way. Reputed and well-known organizations across the globe are using application of MEAN Stack in their projects. Moreover, MEAN Stack applications aren’t there only to help in developing web applications, but also for developing API or Mobile applications as well. It has already found a place in sectors like dashboards for brokerage trading, chat applications etc. with more and more reputed establishments realizing why MEAN Stack is essential in the long run.

Now that you know what is MEAN Stack, there is definitely no longer wondering why this platform is a good investment for creating fast, robust and efficient applications. After all, when it comes to creating user-friendly web-based applications, websites and mobile applications in the most effective way, MEAN Stack is considered to be the next generation technology. We, at 4 way technologies strongly believe that in this competitive world of coming up with the best web applications, you need to stay updated with the latest technologies and MEAN Stack is certainly one of them. So why lag behind when you can do wonders for your application development dream with MEAN Stack!

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