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Mobile App Development Trends in Post-COVID World

Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are the backbone of today’s technological-driven world. Everything from your retail store to finding your “Special One” is just a tap away. And as the COVID hit the world, our world got confined within the 4 walls of our home and our life got bounded inside the touch-screen of our smartphones. The mobile apps became our escape button from the insanity outside. 

As there were already 5 billion-plus smartphones doing the round in the world and 1.85 million mobile applications. 87% of the worldwide population loves to spend most of the time using mobile applications. But as the COVID hit, everything, every business which wasn’t shifted to the online platform was more or less forced to go for mobile app development post-COVID or website development or either both. 

This current Covid catastrophe has supercharged mobile application development as organizations search for approaches to support work from home, smooth out contact following work, upgrade online shopping experience for customers, online classes for children, workout regime, healthcare facilities, and whatnot. Therefore, associations and businesses are presently searching for on-request application development choices that both location momentum concerns and make the system for future achievement.

Table of Content
1. What is Mobile App Development?
2. Mobile App Development Ideas during and POST-COVID
2.1 Ideas
3. Impact of COVID on Mobile App Development
4. Mobile App Development Trends to keep in mind even when the World will be COVID-free
4.1 Time to shift from Physical World to Virtual World
4.2 Connecting-Well from a distance should be the key
4.3 Masking the user’s data
4.4 Getting outside is lots of precautions and work, Using your App shouldn’t
4.5 Real Connection is next to impossible, Virtual Connectivity shouldn’t
4.6 Avoid handshakes and so do servers, time to switch to Cloud Storage
4.7 Social distancing from a human is a need but there is Artificial Intelligence indeed
4.8 Giving verbal instructions to people is hard, it shouldn’t be the same with your phone
4.9 Keep in touch is tough, keep in good health shouldn’t
4.10 Social gathering is hazardous, meeting people isn’t
5. Wrap Up

What is Mobile App Development? 

Mobile application development is the demonstration or cycle by which a mobile application is built for smartphones and mobile devices like tablets or smartwatches, apps like personal virtual assistant like Goggle Assistant for Android or Siri for iOS, or social media applications, etc. 

The mobile application development measure requires making software that can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones and other smart devices and enabling other backend processes for data and information access through APIs, and testing and running the applications on target smart electronic devices.

Mobile App Development Ideas during and POST-COVID 

More so than the previous decade, the most famous applications of 2020 really reflect what occurred on the planet. Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams added a huge number of users, as organizations, schools, and companion bunches went online to operate. 

TikTok (a mobile app developed by a Chinese company ByteDance is for sharing entertaining video on its own social networking platform and other famous social media apps as well) sped up past any remaining social applications, even as US President Donald Trump blamed it for being an instrument for the Chinese Communist Party. As, TikTok became famous and subsequently banned in many countries like the USA, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. because for one reason or another, Facebook released a clone option Reels on Instagram as it did to shorten Snapchat’s development in 2016.

Mobile apps like Uber, Airbnb, and Tinder, which were highly used before COVID experienced a setback during it. With numerous nations stopping air travel, shutting diversion scenes, and forbidding for the time being stays, each of the three needed to take a gander at better approaches to keep clients on their foundation. During COVID Uber survived due to the subsidiary – Uber Eats and when the Unlock started all over the world people prefer to travel by their own vehicles or either cab, so they’re gaining the business again. If you’re looking for mobile app development ideas Post-COVID make sure you come with an app that won’t be effective during COVID-like situations. 


Most famous ideas to develop the idea in the Post-COVID world 

  • Entertaining apps for creating their own content and sharing it like TikTok, Instagram Reels.
Mobile App Development

  • Social media applications like Facebook, Instagram. 
  • Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. 
  • Videotelephony exclusive software, used for video chatting and In-app messaging for official and schooling purposes like Zoom,  Microsoft Teams, etc. 
  • Online food delivery applications like Zomato, Uber Eats, etc. 
  • OTT (Over-The-Top) media platforms applications, entertaining services providing applications to users directly via the Internet like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. 
  • Online money transferring applications like PayPal, Cash app, etc. 
  • Online free video streaming applications like YouTube. 
  • Pandemic contact-tracing app like NHS Covid-19 for the UK, Aarogya Setu for India, etc. 
  • E-commerce applications for shopping online like Amazon, Snapdeal. 
  • Online grocery shopping apps like Bigbasket for India, Instacart for America, and Canada. 
  • Online banking applications. 
  • Online trading applications – apps used to trade online like for stocks, etc. 
  • High definition gaming applications like Among Us, PubG, etc. 
  • Emergency aid applications for providing emergency health services. 
  • Online pharmacy stores and medicines delivery apps like 1mg. 
  • Online health consulting applications like Pactro. 
  • Online educational classes providing apps like Buyjus. 
  • Online music applications, music applications other than your phone’s In-built applications like Spotify, iTunes, etc. 
  • Dating applications to meet your “Special one” even when you are closed inside like Coffee meets Bagel etc. 
  • Online health training apps, help to track your health and exercise routine like Mi Fit (used with smart connected devices to track your steps, exercise routine, heart rate, etc.), Home Workout, etc. 
  • Online eBook reading apps like Kindle, Apple books, Inkitt, etc. 

These are a few mobile application development ideas that you can use to develop your own applications and launch them, irrespective of the conditions used. And your applications will be build to boom in the market. We are sure there are still thousands of amazing ideas that are waiting for you to be discovered and developed into an appealing mobile application. To have a better idea about what techniques you want to follow for your mobile app development Post-COVID or how to launch an app, you can always refer to our previous blogs.

Impact of COVID on Mobile App Development 

Due to COVID, we all are sitting home operating everything from our mobile and desktop screens, this has highly impacted the mobile app development rate. 

As everything was shut down and still mostly closed across the globe, the businesses are shutting down, and demand for everything, every good is rising at a rocket high speed and so does On-demand mobile app development. You can surely generalize most of the applications, but still, there are many businesses, organizations, and government organizations that want specialized mobile and web applications that not just have unique and different features but are totally based on different ideas as well, and here come the mobile app development company to your rescue. The best example of these kinds of mobile applications is Aarogya Setu. 

The mobile app development process was highly impacted since 2020, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. As MNCs who have survived this Pandemic and seen how beneficial work from home can be are planning to stick to this new normal. Big brands like Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Shopify, etc. are planning to make this work remotely a more permeant thing because this is saving them a ton of money like for workspace, traveling facilities on-site food facilities charges, etc. Even lots of small businesses which have survived this are working on the permeant work from the home policy as well and making it official. Many companies have made it official if it’s not absolutely necessary the employees can stay in and work. With lots of virtual-workspace applications available and still being developed, it is easy to interact, instruct and communicate and there are more than a dozen tools available for tracking daily progress as well. Even customer care support, BPO, and KPO industries had successfully able to shift to a remote working environment without being effective much. 

With such a drastic change and followed little changes, many have lost their livelihood as well, the mobile application developers saw this as an opportunity and built and still making dozen mobile applications like Mobile Premier League an Indian e-Sports mobile application, where user can play online for multiple skill-based mobile gaming tournaments and win awards and cash prizes which in-turn will which give cashback to the users for online shopping and as everything is available online you need not worry about receiving actual cash for things you need. Robinhood is another mobile application developed by an American company that provides the jobless people opportunity to make some easy money. Robinhood offers commission-free trades of stocks and exchange-traded funds to the users hence, resulting in easy money. 

#1 Time to shift from Physical World to Virtual World

Mobile apps are in fashion and are widely used for more than a decade even before COVID-19 hit the world.  But the rapid increase in remote location working and social distancing has created a different and desperate need to shift from a physical to a virtual world. This is going to continue even after every person will be vaccinated. 

Albeit, this pandemic has provided a kick-start for developers to see the importance and the way to make “almost everything virtually possible”. Online banking, e-pharmacy stores, e-commerce, online doctor consultants, etc. are few good examples of getting virtually things done. This is good for users and customers because they don’t have to leave the comfort and security of their homes. And even when ‘Unlock’ is taking place all around the globe, people still prefer to stay in and take an easy step to work and have a full retail experience remotely. 
Set forth plainly, mobile applications can substitute the requirement for human contact (and hence the spreading of the lethal virus) will keep on doing great even as associations and organizations move along the new normal.

Mobile Application Development

#2 Connecting-Well from a distance should be the key 

As companies and organizations shifted to the virtual workspace to fight against the physical risks, video conferencing applications, collaboration applications, remote assistance applications, and remote control applications are enjoying a huge increase in the number of users. Not just Zoom but Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Skype are being widely used since, March 2020. For the last one year, every professional is bounded within the walls of his/her home, sitting and working from inside of the four walls so there are so many things and drawbacks these applications had and still have so, to meet the demands and stay in the competition these applications are constantly working on the updates and bugs fixing.  

And this staying connected from a distance is here to stay. With plentiful proof that exhaustive remote work is presently conceivable with the correct application support, organizations at this point don’t bear to carry out applications that are practically useful however glitchy, shaky, and unyielding. Getting all that privilege is basic to guarantee expansive representative reception.

#3 Masking the user’s data 

Mobile app development companies are designing and developing applications for organizations and businesses with top-notch features and front-end designs to attract the users and strong features and back-end programming to keep the users hooked but while focusing on these things they are forgetting to wear the mask or put a mask on the user’s data and applications security. 

Preferably, security is consistent, with approaches and cycles that exist fat back-end to ensure key resources are secure and protected without affecting execution or usefulness. However, in the period of Covid-19 (and past), security has been compelled to the cutting edge on front: Not just are users justifiably worried about the assortment, their data and information storage, and utilization of personal wellbeing and segment information, yet cyberattackers are exploiting current industry imbalance to uncover and misuse existing software shortcomings.

To ensure the protection of their income and brand, application developers should reliably apply secure coding rehearses and in-application assurance and security tools that stop or disappoint attackers’ endeavors on the forefronts, back-end code, and the user database. From arrangements that jumble existing application code to figuring out guards and runtime misuse assurance, security-first structures are the best way to guarantee that bleeding-edge applications convey important organization and hearty highlights without drawing absolute danger. Encrypting your application’s code to avoid attackers is another good practice.

Mobile App Development Trends

#4 Getting outside is lots of precautions and work, Using your App shouldn’t 

Work from home or remote working is not going anywhere, and in near future, it’ll going to be the new mantra with many companies and organizations. Many companies are now offering permanent virtual working options for staff who prefer to stay in and the company won’t going to lose any revenue by them staying in. This offers a double advantage for organizations: smaller groups in-office are simpler and easy to keep safe and protect, and staff who stays in and still can be productive and work efficiently are not needed to take extra work shifts. And this will also save the maintaining, to-letting workspace cost for the companies and they also have to hire fewer transportation cabs for the employees.  

So in this case of scenario when half the employees stay in and half will work from the office, it’s important to develop mobile applications that are easy to use and won’t be too much of a headache for the users.  Another important thing to keep in mind is creating an application that is feasible on a larger scale. 

#5 Real Connection is next to impossible, Virtual Connectivity shouldn’t 

Due to this pandemic, the real-human connection is next to impossible and not to mention dangerous, the same shouldn’t be the case with your mobile applications. 

Good connectivity is the key trend and feature of mobile app development now. No matter how amazing your app if it doesn’t have the best connectivity feature it is of no use. 5G technology should be new for mobile app development. 

#6 Avoid handshakes and so do servers, time to switch to Cloud Storage 

Now no matter what, we have to avoid handshakes and go for the Indian traditional “Namaste”. So should the mobile application developers avoid the traditional physical database or servers and shift to cloud storage. 

Though cloud storage is being used since early 2006, it still needs more popularity. Mobile applications with cloud storage have the ability to access remote servers and store a larger amount of data and information without being worried about the device’s personal storage. This is proven to be the most beneficial feature of cloud-based storage technology. 

As the virus became a pandemic, people are forced to work, learn, study online, which won’t be possible with the traditional database system. The cloud-based video conferencing, online learning, cloud-based social networking applications made it far easier to stay in and still being productive. Hence, developing an app with cloud storage is the best decision that developers can make.

#7 Social distancing from a human is a need but there is Artificial Intelligence indeed

Post-COVID-19, customers’ and clients’ practices will not return to pre-pandemic standards. Shoppers will buy more goods, products, and services online, and expanding quantities of individuals will work distantly. As organizations explore the post-COVID-19 world as economies gradually resume, the utilization of Artificial Intelligence( AI) will be incredibly important in assisting them with adjusting these recent fads. 

Artificial intelligence will be especially valuable for those inside retail and store network businesses. Through AI and progressed information examination, AI will assist these organizations with recognizing buying designs and convey a more noteworthy customized insight to online clients. 

Artificial intelligence devices break down a lot of information to master basic examples, empowering PC frameworks to decide, foresee human conduct, and perceive pictures and human discourse, among numerous different things. Artificial intelligence empowered frameworks additionally ceaselessly learn and adjust. These capacities will be incredibly important as organizations defy and adjust to the following typical once this pandemic dies down.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

#8 Giving verbal instructions to people is hard, it shouldn’t be the same with your phone

Giving verbal instructions to people has always been hard, and now with this normal that with mask, it’s quite impossible to make the other person understand. This shouldn’t be the case with your developed mobile application, the speak-tech feature should be about to notch. 

A person touches his/her phone more than 3,000 times a day, which means the rate of catching the virus is quite high. So to make it easy for your users you can add the voice assistant in your application that can put the users’ minds to ease and lessen the risk of getting infected. And even after the COVID will be gone, this feature will be going to be a hit because it’ll save the time and energy of users from typing.

Mobile App Development

#9 Keep in touch is tough, keep in good health shouldn’t 

Keep in touch and meeting people nowadays is tough but keep in shape and health shouldn’t. Fit-bands and smart-watches were being used pre-pandemic as well. But now when staying in, not going to the gym or other exercising facilities is a good thing to keep you safe but still bad for your health. Hence, developing mobile applications for fitness devices is another trend the developers should consider and work on.

Mobile App Development

#10 Social gathering is hazardous, meeting people isn’t

Social gatherings and parties are hazardous to health, thanks to the COVID-19, but as the developers, you can still make meeting people easy.

While developing social media applications or video-conferencing applications make sure you include the basic features and as well as make it easy for the users to meet and greet each other virtually well.

Mobile App Development

Wrap Up 

While current conditions and post-Covid-19 environments will appear to be notably unique for associations, arising application assumptions are pertinent in the two cases. From taking out the requirement for actual communication to cooperation, security-first structures, and effortlessness, the need to do everything admirably a ways off are developing, and we will see more organizations with mobile applications than at any other time. In case, you feel you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments.

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