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What Is Software Testing & Its Uses?

Define Software Testing

Software Testing technologies is the process of verifying that a completely designed software package meets all the specifications and requirements and also that the software functions without any issues or errors.

In this article, we have mentioned various types of software testing along with their uses.

Table of Content
1. Introduction
2. What are the Different Types of Software Testing?
2.1 Functional Testing
2.2 Parametric Testing
2.3 Fault Tolerant Testing
2.4 Integration Testing
2.5 Regression Testing
3. Conclusion


Even though finding out the bugs in the software is part of the software testing process, the principal function is to make sure that the customer does not face any snag or issues while using the software.

There are various software testing methodologies, all of which combine to make sure that the software being tested is completely functional and meets all the requirements that were meant to meet in the initial phase.

Let’s dive in!

What are the Different Types of Software Testing?

Functional Testing, Parametric Testing, Fault Tolerant Testing, Integration Testing, and Regression Testing are the various mobile application testing & software testing techniques used.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is the process of making an input of parameters which could appear in real life situations to make sure they function properly. A limited set of parameters are used which make sure that the software functions according to the requirements.

Parametric Testing

Parametric Testing is the process by which testers input minimum, maximum and mean values of parameters into the software to make sure of optimal functioning and result.

Fault Tolerant Testing

While doing fault tolerant testing, parameters out of the valid range are input to make sure that the software does not function in an unexpected manner in real life situation for the customers. A well-designed software would produce a result for the customer for any value being input instead of creating an issue.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing can be considered as an extra step that is used while developing various sub-systems in the software are being designed by different designing teams. This process ensures that sub-systems function accurately while various parameters are passed between them.

Regression Testing

The process of retesting the various parts of the software (modules/sub-systems) to make sure that the changes made in one part or section of the software does not affect any other sections of the software. This process ensures that all the modules of the software are working at sync and do not conflict each other.

The various types of software testing like Requirements/Design Review, Test Planning, Test Designing, Test Environmental Setup, Test Execution, and Test Reporting together form the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). STLC should be done after developing any software to make sure that the desired output is being created by the software that has been designed. All the steps included above are not to be done necessarily even if the goal of the software developer is to create a software that customers would actually use and provide them with convenience instead of more issues, the reason for which has been detailed below.

The Software Testing Life Cycle helps to make sure that all the expectations while developing the software are met during the software testing process. They also make sure unexpected results are kept out of the way and that over the period of a long time, maintenance of the software is not something that would give the customer a headache.

These testing techniques need not be done manually as applications are available that would automate the process and produce a result according to the developed software.

One also has to keep in mind that all these software performance testing methodologies need not be used together as different software are meant to meet different requirements and all of them need not be tested alike.

Also, while testing, these processes need not be done in the exact same order, because the order could vary according to the testing situation. Those software testing methods can be used which would offer an actual insight as to how the software is functional.


After going through this blog, now you will be able to choose the appropriate software testing methods to insight the functionality of the software required for your business needs.

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