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Why should we build games on Tizen Operating System?

Build game On Tizen OS

What makes games like Grand Theft Auto V and PUBG so popular? What platform gamers use to build games? 

The questions like this make us curious to know about it more.
Forever since playing games is a way to cut-off the stress level. And now, It’s emerging as the addiction for the game lovers.
Earlier when online-gaming was introduced, the internet was too costly. It’s 2016 when with the release of PokemonGo, the gaming industry takes a wild-turn and earns a lot of revenue. But the story doesn’t end yet. The climax is yet to come.
In the latter half of 2016, the Jio was introduced that leads to major drop down on the internet cost that proved to be a boon for the gaming industries.
In 2019, gamers emerge with an unexpected idea of introducing online-games for SMART TV app development and IoT devices to offer users a real-life feel.
Although many SMART TVs and IoT devices run Tizen Operating System because of the utter durability of the platform. This offers a hassle-free viewing and gaming experience.
Not only this but there are lots of other advantages that this platform holds.
Let’s see them together!

Tizen OS – a Boon for the Gamers

Welcome! Here, we together gonna look how Tizen OS is a boon for the gamers.

Basically, Tizen OS is used for the Samsung TV app development and holds the remarkable features from the faster start-up to 3D window effects and even a lot more.

Let’s just peek into it!

Welcoming Platform

Just like the name, i.e., welcoming platform, Tizen is available to use, deploy, and run across smart devices including SMART TVs, IoT devices, and smartphones. Tizen ensures a robust environment. Isn’t it amazing? Here, gamers can customize their game’s feature as per their need. And that makes games developing process flexible.

Say No to More Skills

Hey, the amazing thing about the Tizen OS is that you don’t need to develop more skills. It is an added advantage for the new game developers.
As Tizen OS is compatible with all the programming languages like C, C++, HTML/CSS/JS, and Microsoft, the game developers don’t need to install any other tool.

Easy to Build

The good news is that, with the Tizen OS, creating a game is a kid’s work.
As the Tizen offers 3D window effects that support apps and games that need advanced 3D graphics as Tizen can be easily integrated with gaming engines like Unity 3D. There, the gamers can design the game in the normal way just by attaching Tizen Studio with unity. And, there are lots of ways to customize the controller to create a gaming controller.

The Biggest Player

We are wondering how game lover’s addiction turn the game industry towards introducing the SMART TV-based games. That makes SMART TVs as the biggest player in the gaming industry. Therefore, the Companies are increasingly investing in SMART TV-based game. Being the most dominant SMART TV manufacturer, most of the Samsung SMART TV’s run Tizen OS that is the low-cost operating system. In fact, Tizen has captured a major part of the market. Therefore, the game developers should develop their next game on Tizen to get the most downloads.

Be Ready for upcoming competition

The amazing thing is that any device can deploy Tizen that means gamers can build futuristic IoT devices. Game developers can make the gaming experience more realistic via Global Positioning System(GPS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality(VR) on Tizen Platform.

After knowing all that what are you waiting for?
Just Develop your game with Tizen OS.

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