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Digital Marketing Service

Digital Marketing Services

Working strategically to provide the right kind of digital marketing services. ROI is our main goal.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using electronic devices or digital technologies on the Internet or even offline, through mobile phone Apps or even SMS (doesn’t include the Internet connections), display advertising on TV, radio commercials and any other digital mediums. As the number and types of electronic devices are increasing day by day and the technologies are evolving, so does the marketing and advertising strategies.  In today’s running world templates, billboards, printed ads are so outdated and people hardly have time to look at them.A person daily spends at least 10-12 hours a day using his electronic devices so, using advertisements that target those very devices is the best way to attract consumers. Online marketing is the most emerging segment of digital marketing. There are endless options for advertising brands including email, video, social media, or website-based marketing opportunities. Digital marketing has so many options and approaches associated with it, you can create and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics on a budget that suits you. With digital marketing as the approach, there are many useful tools like analytics dashboards to monitor the success and ROI of the campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing digital marketing can be audience specific. 

Why 4 Way Technologies?

At 4 Way Technologies, we help companies to market their products or services or both in such a way that it reaches the masses in the best possible way and leaves an ever-lasting impact. Planning and understanding the market are the two most important steps for the digital marketing process. And as being one of the leading IT services company we exactly know how to proceed with these two things. We are here to help you to achieve your targets with the best approaches.
You might be looking for hiring someone who can help you better with your business by marketing it in unique ways. 4 Way Technologies can surely assist you with this. We have a specialized digital marketing team comprised of the experts who are well-versed with all the techniques of online and as well as offline digital marketing approaches. We are committed to reinvent marketing, media and commerce for businesses by putting digital at the centre. We work well with the marketing be it creating brand awareness and loyalty, promoting the services or products, increasing website traffic or improving conversions. We are a professional digital marketing team that delivers the best results and help you gain the reputation and as well as customers.  Our marketers take time to learn about you, your business and what lies underneath it to attract the customers. Hence, resulting in a customized digital marketing campaign that delivers substantial ROI. We also take some time out to go through your competitor’s strategy and their campaign process to help you better and stand ahead of them in every possible aspect.  Our digital marketers know the best way to attract the audience is to work on appealing and eye-catching content.

Digital Marketing Services That We Offer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are here to help you rank better.

Search Engine Optimization
Integrating search engine optimization is a critical part of Digital Marketing strategies. SEO is all about the combination of on-site and off-site strategies to reach on the top results of search engine. And our digital marketers are experts with both on and off-page strategies of SEO. We target the geographical area, the devices, the target audience for our client. We do the analysis before coming up with any kind of solution. SEO is a practice of setting, modifying, adding components, combining different elements of a business website so that it’ll be easier for a search engine to find, evaluate and match the available information and so that the webpage of the matching information website can rank higher on the search performed.  And if your website or webpage rank high on search engine it’ll obviously attract more audience. We help with every bit of this and we help in improving SEO marketing strategy and increase organic traffic to your site as well. Google every month releases over 150+ updates for the search algorithm and for SEO it’s all about striking the balance between work and learning all the updates. We have a dedicated, hard-working digital marketing team which exactly knows how to strike this balance. 
We provide – 
  • Keyword Search Mapping

    Keyword search mapping process is of assigning/ mapping keywords to specific webpages of a website when search on these keywords are made. Based on this mapping process we’ll able to make specific on-page SEO recommendations leading to your webpages or websites. This is to make the webpage more relevant to the mapped keywords and to rank the webpage and in-turn the website higher on the search engine

  • Technical Optimization

    We optimize your website for the crawling and indexing phase. The main goal is to optimize the infrastructure of your website.

  • Amazing Content to boost up your ranking

    We provide our clients with amazing content, that can rank easily in the search result strictly following Google’s guidelines for the content to rank higher and to boost up your website searching.

  • Authoritative Backlinks

    We provide authoritative, completely legal backlinks to rank your website higher. We provide as many backlinks as possible so that every other link can be redirected to your website.

  • On-Page SEO

    We provide on-page optimization of every individual webpage of our client’s website in order to rank higher and earn relevant traffic. We provide optimization of content and as well as of HTML source code.

  • Off-Page SEO

    We provide link-building, social-media promotion, local SEO (posting reviews) and generating traffic to your site.

  • Reputation Management

    We believe in maintaining the reputation be it ours or of our clients. We work really hard for Online Reputation Management (ORM) of our clients by keeping an eye on the content of the website and boosting the reputation by social media posting.

  • Analytics

    We discover, interpret, and look for meaningful patterns in data posted on your website. Our digital marketers are experts of Google Analytics Tools because it is the most important tools when comes to analytics for SEO.

Social-Media Marketing

Helping our clients to reach masses through Social Media.

Our digital marketers are pro and know inside out of all the social media platforms, well-aware of there working and posting strategies to draw the attention of the potential audience. Our marketers do thorough research of “now-trending” stuff related to your products or services provided by you. 

Digital Marketing Company

Our marketers do –

  • Social Media Content Planning

    While planning for social media marketing we consider keyword search and competition research as well. We look for every kind of trending and yet unique content ideas to interest the target audience.

  • Working on great Social Media Content

    We work to come up with great content for your social media promotion. We try to provide engaging, interesting, eye-catching, crisp content and yet not so fancy to attract your potential audience. We try to include trending hashtags, related and amazing images, informative videos and crisp, short, eye-catching yet decent captions. We include interactive and related media and engaging texts in short paragraphs and points rather than long boring paragraphs.

  • Working to keep Brand Image consistent

    We work to keep the Brand Image and the core idea of your business to be consistent with the starting image your business has built without affecting the social media marketing with new trending kinds of stuff and hashtags.

  • Sharing Curated Links

    Our digital marketers always come with up unique, original content to gain a potential audience, customers and fans for your business and your content. We do involve some outside links as well to make customers more interested and also to gain some traffic and backlinks from them (other websites) in return.

  • Tracking Competitors

    We do thorough research and keep a regular track on your competitors to know what they are upto and how much they much trending on social media so that accordingly we can plan our strategies.

  • Social Media Crisis Management

    Our social media marketers are smart enough that they avoid foolish posts any contradictor comments. We intelligently plan the hashtags campaign so that it won’t backfire and ruin your business’s reputation. We never post or do anything on public diasters that can bring you and your business into negative limelight. We make sure to have a response plan ready in case anything, any post, any social media campaign backfires. We go by social media marketing playbook avoiding any negative attention or posts. Our digital media marketers work closely with the network security team to ensure there will be no hacking and all your social media accounts will always be safe.

We provide services on following platforms –


We deal with video, image, product collection, carousel, slideshows, canvas, offers, event promotions, boosting up your Facebook page, boosting up likes, post engagement, the promotion of your services. 


We work on Instagram by posting photos, videos, carousels, and stories ads with crisp and eye-catching captions to make potential customers more aware of your products or services and drive more conversions.


We promote our client on Twitter with amazing tweets, accounts, trends and hashtags. Helps to increase followers, spread awareness, post videos, increase web traffic.


For LinkedIn marketing, we post interesting and relatable videos, images, eye-catching yet informative text ads, sponsor content ads, follow company ads (to increase viewers), sponsored InMail ads to Target B2B audience for Lead Generation or Sales. 

Content Marketing

Great and Engaging Content is our Motto.

Content Marketing
We provide content marketing where no explicit promotion of your services or products will be involved but we’ll raise the interest of your customers and draw attention of the potential audience by writing engaging posts, blogs, making videos or through by links directing to your websites or particular webpages or by mentioning your website. We work toward to earn our client the audience and to gain more reviews and comments and shares for the webpages. We provide original content that’ll be owned by clients. Our digital marketing team comprises great writers with perfect knowledge of grammar. Before writing or developing content our marketers conduct an analysis on the type of audience you engage, type of customers you deal with, your business strategies, the insight of your organizations, the services and products you provide to understand everything better and to come up with spectacular content. We make content that’ll be entraining, engaging, informative, socially valuable and greatly attract the audience and customers. 

We provide –

  • Newsletter

    We develop newsletters for the regular updates and to provide information and to connect the customers and draw new readers to your site.

  • Video

    We make visual content that draws attention and makes customers more engaged in the products or services provided by our clients. The videos can be related to the product or services recently released or the updates made to early existed products. They can be about the recent press conference or event that can drive more and more customers. Videos can be about recent modifications made to the company as well, starring the company’s key-people talking about the same.

  • Infographics

    We also provide information in the form of appealing and attracting graphical formats, like visual storytelling one of the best ways to attract the audience.

  • Blog Content

    We provide blog content that can be posted on your website with relatable and optimize images and everything as per the blog guidelines. This will increase your over-all search engine ranking as well as attract readers. In-between the blogs we add links for our client’s websites so that a person will surely explore other pages as well.

  • eBooks and White Papers

    We also write eBooks and white papers for our clients that will feature on their website and attract the readers. We add all the needed links and keywords as well so it’ll also help in SEO. We push your visitors through the sellouts cycle with resolution content that displays your leadership thoughts and makes your business stand ahead. We don’t just start discussions; we nurture them by creating content that builds relationships, drives sales, help you to grow.

  • Case Studies

    We’ll research and interview your clients and write your success stories to gain a larger number of audience. To attract visitors with landing pages our content experts write and make them aware of your good work with social proof from case studies. We help you and your customers to tell stories that underscore the value of your business to your customers.

Digital Analytics

Work on Google Analytics Tool for Better Marketing of our Client.

Digital Analytics

Digital analytics in marketing is the interpretation of customer’s behavior into actionable business data. Our digital marketers use digital analytics tools to examine the many online channels your customers interact with and identify new revenue opportunities from existing campaigns. Our digital marketers are expert of Google Analytics Tools. Through using Google Analytics, we uncover massive amounts of data about your website and your users, gaining valuable insights that can be used to enhance your marketing strategies.

We focus on –
  1. Traffic Channels

    We segment your website by many sources. Top 5 traffic channels we deal with are –

    • Organic
    • Direct
    • Referral
    • Social
    • Paid
  2. Conversions

    We make sure there will be some kind of stuff that’ll need action from your visitors like –

    • Downloadable eBooks
    • Subscription to your blogs or website or both
    • Filling contact forms etc
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    CTR for all your ads on Google or other websites is an important indication of relevance. This will, in turn, reveal your website on a higher rank and redirect traffic on your website.

  4. Site-Loading Speed

    Our digital marketing team is an expert to maintain the website loading time. We maintain the site loading to be minimum so that people won’t find any issues and your visitors won’t have to wait longer for the site to be opened.

  5. Site’s Content

    We work for developing amazing, non-offensive, engaging and informative content for website so that visitors find it good and won’t be able to resist for the subscription.

  6. Audience

    Google Analytics is very particular about the audience and hence, we pay special attention to our client’s audience. By analyzing the type of audience or what they exactly search on your website we can plan the optimization strategy better and work towards attracting similar kind of visitors and customers.

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