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Enterprise Content Management Solution

Enterprise Content Management Solution

Enterprise content management is responsible for managing the use and distribution of information, the lifecycle across several organizations, from capturing to archiving and disposition.

The best ECM software includes content services applications and platforms that allow integration of enterprise processes to enormous organizations. This results in the production of information by making sure that the governance is applied, bridging isolated process siloes, and improving the access of information, wherever the content is created.

At 4 Way Technologies, we provide robust solutions through intelligent capture to the management and archiving of records. Our enterprise content management solutions are also available in public and private clouds along with on-premises.

Why You Need Enterprise Connect Management Solution?

AEM Consulting

There is a sheer need for content solutions with enterprises, irrespective of the size or business. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions help organizations channel their content to value in operational activities. We specialize in implementing efficient business process workflows for enterprise documents.

At 4 Way Technologies, we deliver robust enterprise content management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Content management solutions helps the management and automation of key business processes, thereby reducing time and overhead dependency on team members within & outside the organization.

Alfresco CMS Development includes fully featured enterprise content management system (ECM) capabilities, which allows you to work within your content from one of the leading productivity tools and suites across the globe without even switching the applications. Also, Alfresco CMS Development leverages the modern content services by developing applications on the Cloud (PaaS).

Alfresco CMS Development also provides flexible, open, and highly efficient ECM capabilities with the additional benefits of a content services platform. This enables you to access the  content from wherever you work by easy integration with your daily business applications.

As a scalable and flexible ECM platform, Alfresco CMS Development also supports a variety of use cases such as content services, contextual insight and search, easy integration, and information governance with the leading business applications.

Develop scalable and extendable solutions for your business.

Alfresco Content Management Solution

Alfresco CMS Development

Develop ECM solutions using Alfresco Community and Alfresco One. Our developers will help improve the business efficiency with innovative solutions.

Alfresco CMS Development

Custom Alfresco Applications

Implement complex business process workflows with modern day custom applications. Our experts will help create a modern day business applications.

Alfresco CMS Development Company

Maintenance and Migration

Migrate from legacy ECM solutions to Alfresco solutions. We will assist the migration to a new framework.

Hire Liferay Developer at 4 Way Technologies in order to build mobile apps, web services, and web apps quickly, using the frameworks and features created for robust and fast development, ease of use, and good performance. The base platform is already available and built as an impeccable container for applications, which can be put together in much less time than from scratch.

Liferay also includes a default set of common applications in order to make direct use of: collaboration applications like wikis and forums, web experience management, media and documents, blogs, etc. These applications are developed to be customized.

Engage users and increase collaboration with highly scalable portals & websites.

Liferay Content Management Solution

Liferay Development

Build scalable, cost efficient, and customized portals to meet the organizational objectives. We will provide expert assistance in content management and web publishing.

Liferay CMS Development

Liferay Migration

We will help you upgrade the business application with our expert Liferay migration services.

Liferay CMS Development Company

Liferay Performance Tuning

Develop high performing and scalable portal platform. We follow the best practices to deliver an ideal portal and fine tune the problems.

Liferay CMS Development Services

Liferay Integration

We ensure out-of-box integration and enterprise software integration. Our profound assistance will incorporate business workflow implementation.

SharePoint is a development platform, which is required for SharePoint Framework, SharePoint farm solutions and Add-ins. It is a versatile platform that is used to build client-side components, solutions, and more with enormous scopes, which define your several needs.

SharePoint Development Company helps you through the technologies, models, features, and capabilities for the development process of your business applications.

Create powerful and responsive workflow management solutions.

SharePoint Content Management Solution

Custom SharePoint Solution Development

Develop complete cloud based enterprise document management solutions. Our expert developers will help easy management of the applications.

SharePoint CMS Development

SharePoint Migration

Migrate the organizational legacy document management solutions to SharePoint. Our expert assistance will help maintain the original content and structure of your website,

SharePoint CMS Development Company

SharePoint Workflow

Our professional developers will assist the creation of custom business workflow according to the business requirements.

SharePoint CMS Development Services

SharePoint Integration

Our custom integration solutions will help connect in real-time multiple services.

Our Ektron CMS Development provides you a complete platform for all your needed functionalities in order to create, manage, and deploy your Website. We give you total control to use the in-built server controls for deploying a website or customizing the deployment with the API. 

We provide you a functional and complete coded Web site, which can be used as a template in your future projects with the help of supporting tools and professional ambiance that delivers you robust and powerful websites with impeccable features.

We develop and deliver best quality development solutions.

Ektron Content Management Solution

Ektron CMS Development

We offer a range of development services for building highly responsive web portals and platforms.

Ektron CMS Development

Ektron Migration Services

We help organizations and enterprises accomplish seamless migration to Ektron framework,

Ektron CMS Development Company

Ektron Integration Services

Our custom integration solutions will help the business growth and fix up the application hiccups.

At 4 Way Technologies, we take Kentico CMS Development to the next level. Our expert Kentico CMS Developers help you in enormous ways for designing, optimizing, and building client-centric Kentico CMS, which deliver an impeccable user experience and provide a cutting-edge to the digital strategy of your business.

Our Kentico CMS Development platform combines CMS, online marketing abilities, and eCommerce in order to deliver remarkable value and faster results.

We can develop web and portal solutions of all scales for your enterprise.

Kentico Content Management Solution

Kentico CMS Development

We provide web content management solutions with full set of out-of-the-box features.

Kentico CMS Development

Custom Business Solutions

We build custom applications and themes according to the client needs. Our expert professionals will help the development of websites and web portals.

Kentico CMS Development Company

Kentico Migration

Migrate your legacy business solutions to Kentico based solutions.

WordPress is an impeccable and advanced tool which allows all the content creators to create intuitive site pages without any software development training. It is an open-source platform and is perfect for a large number of users.

Our WordPress Development Agency offers pre-programmed e-commerce and shopping tools that allow people to create online stores with ease, which are professionally designed. We also use a wide range of WordPress features in order to develop a top-notch business website for your business or organization.

Our range of WordPress services are meant for small and medium businesses.

WordPress Content Management Solution

WordPress Design and Development

We offer variety of designs that will include template websites and custom built websites.

WordPress CMS Development

Custom Plugin Development

Our expert development services will help create custom plugins to affect your business operations in a profitable manner.

WordPress CMS Development Company

WordPress Migration

Migrating to WordPress is easy now with our swift application and business solutions.

AEM is an abbreviated form of Adobe Experience Manager, which is a Content Management System (CMS) similar to WordPress. AEM offers you to build apps, websites, and manage content and web pages with ease. 

4 Way Technologies is the leading IT company when it comes to AEM Development and Consulting. Our team of AEM experts helps you enormously in the development and designing of applications and services with the help of the AEM system.

The role of our AEM developers includes:

AEM Web Development Services

Intuitive Cloud Integration

Our AEM Development and Consulting also includes impressive Cloud integration, which allows you to integrate your AEM in several ways with Adobe Creative Cloud in order to streamline the transfer workflows with more efficiency across enormous teams.

AEM Mobile App Development Company

Responsive and Impressive Web Design

The layouts, images, and content are adjusted automatically in order to fit across several devices for providing a seamless, intuitive, and digital user experience.

AEM CMS Development Company

In-Context Editing Access

With a wider range of reusable content and drag-and-drop elements, our AEM Development and Consulting services support you enormously in creating, updating, and publishing pages at a much easier and faster speed as compared to any other platform.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a system solution created in order to manage the documents of an organization. Unstructured information such as scanned images, Word documents, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets all are stored and available for the people to access them wherever and whenever.

Some of the ECM examples are as follows:

  • Modifying business from the stone age.
  • Digitalization in government sectors.
  • Money management for modern times.
  • Management of content for nonprofits.

Enterprise Content Management solutions work on the principle of capturing, storing, activating, analyzing and automating the business content in order to provide new value from the previously unavailable and unstructured data.

The implementation process of enterprise content management is generally complex and involves a large number of departments and stakeholders. In order to create an ECM strategy, the first step is to perform a content audit with the help of documenting all the content types, which the organization deals with.

Some of the key elements of ECM in ERP are as follows:

  • Management of the workflow.
  • Governance of information.
  • Content lifecycle management.
  • Content management systems.
  • Management of enterprise documents.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Management of digital assets.

Enterprise content management (ECM) is very important because ECM is considered as the skeleton of your management, document storage, distribution, and organization. It supports you in capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering data and content throughout the organization.

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