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Knockout JS Developer

Build responsive and rich display using Knockout JS Development

KnockoutJS is a JavaScript library used for the creation of user interface with rich displays and clean codes based on MVVM (Model-View-View Model) structure. Businesses can create interactive user interface underlying logical data model. 4 Way Technologies has an in-house team of experienced KnockoutJS developers with hands-on experience of developing responsive applications across various platforms. We assist enterprises to build web apps with visually rich content and high immersions.

Our developers enable the creation of web pages that are updated automatically. Our goal is to deliver cutting-edge web and mobile solutions that work effortlessly on different platforms. The important aspect is to develop relevant web & mobile solution with high functionality and our developers possess the skills to deliver a desired end-user product.


Why Knockout JS development services?

The biggest challenge that the enterprises are facing today is to make an impact online. Our professional KnockoutJS developers will help businesses create sites that will be visually rich, responsive, and highly interactive. We have created a niche for being able to provide clients with seamless web apps; keeping the business requirements in mind.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Knockout JS Application Development

Develop dynamic web pages to improve the user experience. Get the assistance from the experienced developers to build applications that will accelerate the business revenue focusing on the targeted customers. We have designed dozens of sophisticated web applications using cutting-edge technologies and tools.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Knockout JS Application Migration

Migrate to the exciting JavaScript framework with our expert assistance. We can ensure secured data migration that will help the application reach new heights. Enjoy the professional services to migrate from any platform efficiently.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Knockout JS Plugin Development

Develop plugins as per your application or business need after consulting with our development team. We will help you engage your audience with interactive web applications. Our professional developers are experienced in developing plugins that can be reusable on multiple websites.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Knockout JS Maintenance and Support

Maintenance is an important part for keeping your web application active and running. We will provide 24*7 support for your web and business solutions.

Your Knockout JS Development Partner

4 Way Technologies is renowned for web development with a specialized focus on JavaScript development. Our KnockoutJS developers will take care of all the business requirements and deliver solutions for web applications, APIs, and different scalable business systems.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Get business-driven solutions

We make it our prior concern to deliver an KnockoutJS application which meets the need of our clients.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Professional services

Join hands with us to facilitate the opportunities to hire JavaScript developers having the unmatched track record for professional KnockoutJS development

Hire Knockout JS Developer

Providing prompt delivery

We ensure on-time project delivery to our clients. Our pioneer service in KnockoutJS development industry will help you employ the latest development technologies.

Knockout JS Development

Quick support

We provide quick and instant support for the maintenance of websites even after the completion of application development and launch.

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Do you also have these queries?

KnockoutJS is a standalone JavaScript library which follows the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern. It is usually used for web and front-end application development and for SPA (single-page application).

The key features are – 

  • Dependency tracking 
  • Compact size upto 20k only
  • Follows MVVM pattern 
  • Automatic UI refresh (best attribute for the good end-user experience)
  • Support all modern browsers 
  • Easy to implement

Model-View-View Model pattern is the one followed by KnockoutJS. 

  • Model: Model represents data or information at the back-end. Model doesn’t store the behaviour or services or structure. It only contains data that can’t be affected by another factor. 
  • View: It is the representation of the data or the information with the proper structure to the end-users. It has the HTML template which has Knockout bindings making it more attractive to the end-users.
  • View Model: It is an intermediate between the Model and View. 


The KnockoutJS is definitely a cost and time effective choice for the project. Generally, the money is charged on an hourly basis because the project is about the single-page application. But if the project is bit complex and larger than cost can vary. Usually, the time taken to complete the project is 20-25 days but if the project is complex it can be stretched to 60-90 days. 

The following points can explain this better – 

    • Controlled development 
    • Team-work 
    • Time-effective 
    • Quality assurance 
    • Minimum risk 
    • Dedicated developers for each stage 
    • Better testing before delivering the project 

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