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At 4 Way Technologies, we are proficient in the development process of the modern, top-notch digital technology. We build TV applications as per the exact requirements of our customers. A big thanks to our LG WebOS developer teams that use the LG Smart TV developer tools in order to provide feature-rich and customizable TV applications for LG TV.

These apps possess the capacities for VOD and OTT functions as well. Right from the consultancy part till through development and quality testing stages, our team will work with you and support you to build LG TV apps as per the needs of your business.

Our Services On LG TV App Development

LG Smart TV Developer

Smart TVs have entered a new era ensuring seamless connectivity across various devices and platforms. There is ample opportunity today to brand the business and promote products through Smart TV apps. 4 Way Technologies is a team of expert LG WebOS developers who are known for developing LG Smart TV apps which help businesses to target specific audience.

WebOS is the Linux based open-source OS for LG Smart TVs and Smart Watches. Developing smart TV apps is totally different from mobile app development. You need innovative solutions to reach out to the potential target audience. We help you to develop an edge over your competitors with custom built smart TV application for LG TVs. Our LG Smart TV developers has a profound knowledge of all the smart TV operating system.

Our WebOS LG Developer Company Procedure & Initiative

Looking for the target audience on LG Smart TV? The most efficient solution is launching your own Smart App that can help your business promote services to the targeted group. Our technical expertise can help you promote and enhance visibility by building Smart TV and Video on Demand applications.

LG Smart TV Application


WebOS TV Apps for Business

Our LG WebOS developer creates the prototype for the LG Smart TV application and designs for WebOS platform. The designs are modeled keeping in mind the resolution and viewing environment. The user experience in smart TVs are completely different from other platforms and thus the designs are carefully crafted for easy navigation. The design layout is presented with clear and easy to access features in a convenient way.

LG Smart TV Application


WebOS LG Developer Company

Our LG smart TV developers have the immense knowledge of LG Smart TV app development. We are smart in cross-platform developments and the multi-screen apps are built for LG Smart TVs. 4 Way Technologies assist the development of WebOS TV Apps for Business using standards-based web technologies including other scripts.

LG Smart TV Application


LG WebOS Development Consultant

LG Smart TV apps require a lot of effort in testing and we are in mission-critical mode during the procedure. End-to-end testing carried out and our testers verify the application before submitting them to the store. Different screen sizes, resolution, and environment require specific testing and 4 Way Technologies ensures the full commandment.

LG Smart TV Application

Maintenance and Support

WebOS App Expert USA

We will maintain your LG TV smart app correctly and ensure maximum availability. Our real-time LG WebOS development consultant service will ensure that the WebOS apps are running all the time. Get 24*7 support for the applications from our experienced team.

Why 4 Way Technologies for LG WebOS TV App Development

4 Way Technologies can launch the business application into the app store and attract LG Smart TV audience in a smarter way. We will come up with solutions for you that can offer ease to the viewers to scroll through their content swiftly. Customized apps always make the job easier and faster.

We have experts for –

Hire LG WebOS Developer USA

LG Smart TV Application Development

Application Porting Tasks

Smart TV Game Development

Roku Development

Cross-platform Development

LG WebOS Developer Company

We use our skills in designing, developing, and launching Smart TV apps so that you can enjoy entertainment at next level. We will make sure that you access your favorite content across different platforms and format.

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WebOS is a smart TV OS. It is Linux-Kernel based open-source multitasking operating system. Initially developed by  Palm Inc. Later it was acquired by LG and hence, redesigned as LG WebOS. LG WebOS has a slick design and easy to use interface. It is been used in TVs, fridges and projectors.  

LG WebOS applications are somewhat similar to standard applications in appearance but with purely different back-end coding. To have a charming LG WebOS TV application once should be an expert. LG WebOS applications are – 

  • Optimized for larger screens 
  • Designed for a lean-back, relaxed experience just the opposite to other similar looking applications 

These are available on the LG Content Store, and application store specifically developed for LG smart TV applications.

Beanviser is a graphical tool developed to measure the performance of the applications/services running on the actual LG WebOS TV. Beanviser is one of the most important tools when it comes to the LG Webos app. Our developers are expert with it. They use it for evaluation of the application before publishing the application on the store. And later on to keep a check on system processes, memory usage, real-time analysis etc.

Owning a WebOS application is no doubt profitable. As it is an open-source multitasking OS. And besides, it is a smart TV OS that too of LG which is in great depend for almost all the electronic appliances.

  • Thorough research 
  • Taking recommendations 
  • Customizing the content as per the need 
  • Considering the quality media content (if any required) 
  • Amazing UI/UX designs 
  • Managing application state changes 
  • Carefully launching the application 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Future assistance

In order to enable developer mode on LG WebOS TV, you need to create an account and install the developer mode from the LG Content Store. Follow the link that describes the detailed guide to install the developer mode. http://webostv.developer.lge.com/develop/app-test/

If you are connected with the same network, you can also perform remote deployment from the webOS TV IDE. First you have to create a developer account and in order to do so, follow the link : https://webostv.developer.lge.com/login

Follow the steps to install the Developer mode app from the LG Content Store.

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Go to the LG Content Store.
  3. Now, search for the ‘Developer mode‘ app on the LG Content Store.
  4. Next, Install the ‘Developer mode’ app.

After successfully installing the developer app, you can use your LG account in order to login and from the Developer mode app, enable the Developer mode and find the passphrase.

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