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Samsung TV App Development

Samsung TV App Development Company

At 4 Way Technologies, we help you in developing the modern and advanced Samsung TV applications with our team of expert Samsung TV app developers. Our impeccable services include spanning consultancy services, highly efficient Samsung TV app development, and testing to pass the quality parameters. Hire Samsung TV app developers at 4 Way Technologies for building robust, powerful, and competitive applications for your business.

Smart way to develop quality apps through our center of excellence.

Why Samsung TV Application Development?

Create App for Samsung Smart TV

With the rapid increase in Smart TV app development, it’s the hour of need to ensure the connectivity across various devices and platforms. Our Smart TV app development capabilities bring the TV space with live Streaming, e-commerce, and required applications for the businesses and processes forward.

Although, Samsung tizen TV leaves no stone unturned to bring all the smart devices together. And the Smart TV apps shape the world in different ways from mobile app development. With the advent of Smart TVs, it is required to develop a stellar 10-foot experience on every platform. Samsung TV app developers of 4 Way Technologies has the experience to develop Samsung Native, Samsung Tizen apps. Also, develop the application on all leading platforms including Apple TV app development.

One of the main advantages of Samsung TV app development is the flexibility offered by the Tizen operating system. Tizen supports HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, thus can be used in a large number of ways. Tizen-based applications also possess lean programming based on HTML5 and impressive speed.

Our Successful Samsung TV App Development Services

Developing apps for Samsung Smart TV is not that easy, but there are enormous opportunities for businesses, production companies, and brands to make a stable impact on the market. The overall development and testing process can be described as clunky, but we ensure the delivery of most effective smart TV apps.

Samsung TV Application Planning and Design

Samsung TV Application
Planning and Design

Planning is the first crucial phase of a Samsung TV application development project. The homework, audience research, and target platform readings are done thoroughly. We understand the interface of the device and take into consideration all the important factors, like from the use of a remote control for navigation to the distance between the TV and the sofa.

Samsung TV Application Development

Samsung TV Application

We can develop Samsung Smart TV apps for the Native and Tizen environment. Necessary software development tools, development kit, and documentation are used for the app development. As Samsung Smart TV app developers, we are creating an immersive dialogue between the broadcaster and the viewer.

Samsung TV Application Testing

Samsung TV Application

Our testing team ensures end-to-end testing of the Samsung Smart TV applications. Our comprehensive approach to testing will look at the bugs and fixes. We use a real-world simulation of the anticipated environment of the application. We test, test, and test again until the client is satisfied.

Samsung TV Application Maintenance

Samsung TV Application

We have accumulated procedures for ensuring minimum downtime for the Smart TV applications. It will ensure effective maintenance of the Samsung Smart TV applications.

Samsung TV App Development Technical Expertise of 4 Way Technologies

Samsung smart TVs are changing the face of entertainment with the new form factor of combining television and the internet. The Samsung Smart TVs are aimed at watching videos & films, listening to audio, playing games, social media & messenger, reading books & magazines, and altogether different stuff from traditional TVs. We will assist with our team of Samsung Smart TV App Developers that are dealing only with Smart TV applications.

We are leading in –

Samsung TV App Development Company USA

Samsung Smart TV Application Development

Smart TV Website Development

Game Development for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Market Compliance & Acceptance Readjustment

Multi-Screen Apps & Video Sitemap Development

Tizen TV Applications for Various Third-Party TVs

Our seasoned professionals have already implemented dozens of Smart TV Apps. Samsung is increasingly exploring dual-screen smart TV, 360-degree videos, and smart home extensions. We can provide a user experience that differs completely from that of other familiar devices.

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As Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of Smart TVs it is no doubt a good move to own Samsung smart TV applications.  In fact, it is profitable and it’ll definitely going to make any company stand ahead of others in the queue.

  Samsung’s Smart TV platform is considered one of the most extensive one. It’s Smart TV features have been built on the Tizen operating system platform. The open-source software was developed to meet the requirements of various stakeholders and systems and those of device manufacturers, app developers and independent software providers. The Linux-based framework can be used to develop apps for smart TVs, as well as mobile and smart home apps which makes using Samsung smartphone’s applications on Samsung smart TV more easy and fun. As Tizen is a Linux-based framework it is more than easy to develop applications on and for it.

  • Discover
    Automatically find and display compatible devices from the mobile app using the Smart View SDK.
  • Launch
    Launch applications on Smart TV using the mobile app.
    No cables connection, no account setup, no complex steps for the end-users are needed.
  • Communicate
    High-performance communication between all connected devices.
  • Planning and designing of the application and application UI.
  • Implementing code perfectly.
  • Debugging and testing of the application.
  • Packaging and launching of the application.
  • Assured commitment from anticipation to completion 
  • Out-of-the-box ideas and outstanding application 
  • Quality assurance 
  • On-time delivery 
  • Further assistance for upgradation
  • Connect your Samsung smart TV to the Internet. 
  • Navigate on the home screen, go to the left choose the desired application and if unable to find it there straight go to the Samsung Store. 
  • Select the desired application title, press Enter. 
  • The application will be opened in the store if it’s free of cost you’ll be able to see the install button but if it’s paid there’ll be the app’s price mentioned. Install the application. 
  • Almost every application requires sign-in, sign-in with your existing email id or log-in with new details. 
  • Open the application and enjoy the benefits of it.

Tizen is a Linux-based mobile OS developed and used by Samsung for smartwatches, cameras, smartphones, refrigerators and especially for smart televisions. Any TV with Tizen as it’s OS is Tizen TV. Now, even the other brands TVs are using Tizen as it’s smart TV OS.

  To create an application on Samsung Smart TV one should well-versed with Tizen as it is the OS of Samsung smart TVs. 

  • Install Tizen Studio 
  • Launch Tizen Project Wizard 
  • Select the Project Type 
  • Select the profile, “targeted device(s)”
  • Define the project details i.e. name and other properties. 
  • Configure the application. 

Tizen uses C++, C and HTML5 programming languages.

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