Our Performance Testing Services

Performance testing is performed to determine how fast certain aspects of a system perform or the system behavior under a particular workload. The quality attributes that are verified or validated by our testing team are those of stability, speed, scalability and responsiveness – all under a variety of load at normal and peak conditions. This ensures not only good but an exceptional user experience for our clients.

Our services have the main objective to test the application under consideration, working as expected – under the load conditions. Moreover, our performance testing services determine the proper use of technology as well as after the components are assembled, whether all of them function as a cohesive unit – meeting the requirements of response time. We also test whether the design of the website/app takes place in a structurally correct manner.

Apps & Software Performance Testing
Apps & Software Performance Testing

Why do we go for performance testing?

Before making our apps/websites go live, we need to carry on with performance testing. A well performing website / app will allow the users to simply carry out a task without any sort of irritation or delay. Otherwise, it affects the sales figures on account of the bad reputation caused.

So, our services will enlighten you with the issues under a variety of load conditions that will let you understand what needs to be fixed, before going live. The bottom-line is that your application must run smoothly – without any delay and without causing frustration in the user’s mind.

How do our Performance Testing?

The developers and technical architects at 4Way Technologies make it sure to incorporate performance testing as part of our development activities and develop the code in such a way that it meets the performance requirements. We conduct this test, both at the unit and component integration levels. Once we complete with system testing, we will go about doing a performance system of the website/app, so as to ensure that the system meets the expected performance response time.

Apps & Software Performance Testing

Advantages of Performance Testing Services by 4Way Technologies

Following are some of the advantages of our performance testing services:
Apps & Software Performance Testing
Provide exceptional user experience.
Apps & Software Performance Testing
Improve optimization and load capacity of the app/website– coping with higher volumes of users.
Apps & Software Performance Testing
Iron out the issues that are most likely to occur.
Apps & Software Performance Testing
Follow a successful load test with tools and analyze the data and generate a report on the website's performance capabilities to seek the improvements.
Apps & Software Performance Testing
We use real test case scenarios and test devices.

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