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Today, more and more businesses operate under a mobile-centric market place. We understand that in the realm of software engineering, no other area is rife with probable hazards other than mobile app development. Our mobile testers understand that everything is to be obtained in a thin slice of time, as the mobile users are always on a move i.e lesser time for the first impression. 

So, any confusing UX or a bad UI always leads to a sudden demise of the app, without any chance left to thrive in the app marketplace. Our mobile testing professionals have mastered the art of testing – understanding the art of staying competitive.

Despite the fact that testing mobile apps is a huge investment, but people don’t do it right because of the complexity involved on account of testing on multiple platforms. We understand that testing mobile apps actually pays off in the long run. Testing mobile apps is not easy but becomes tricky as our testers get confronted with various OS, devices, screen sizes and many such parameters. Our testing experts also make use of various testing tools.

Mobile App & Software Testing

How do we Go about Testing Your Mobile Apps?

Mobile App & Software Testing

Our expert mobile testing professionals carry out functional testing, usability testing and performance testing as part of our mobile testing services. Functional testing is used by our testers to test the functional behavior of the mobile app.

For testing the actions of the applications we resort to performance testing – with parameters considered as low battery power, less memory, transferring heavy files etc. Finally, our testers use usability testing to test that the mobile app is easy to use and offers a visually pleasing user experience for our clients.

We at 4 Way Technologies adopt a business-driven approach which ensures that the mobile app developed by us will provide with quality-rich user experience.

Features of Our Mobile Testing Services

Following are some of the intrinsic features of our mobile testing service:
Mobile App Testing
Planned Testing Approach

Our testers plan out every part of our testing services, starting from the unit testing jobs up to the component integration testing.

Multiple Devices

We run our testing services on a growing collection of almost 2000 real devices from around the world.

Integrated Reporting

We use mobile testing automation tools which come with customized reports on the tests conducted by us.

Advantages of Our Mobile Testing Services

The mobile testing services at 4Way Technologies provide the following advantages:

We use real devices for mobile testing.
We adhere to the best practices of mobile testing.
We use real devices for mobile testing.​
We also use emulators for cost-effective solutions.

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