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Samsung TV App Development

Smart TV App Development

Developing SMART TV apps for companies with personalized, creative and interactive content

Why Smart TV App Development?

Samsung TV App Development

The rise of smart TV comes along with smart product development which enables brands to indulge in a 10-foot experience. We develop Smart TV apps and multi-screen solutions for various brands. The goal is to get connected to millions of viewers. Our solution is for content owners, technology companies who are investing heavily in Smart TV applications. We have highly experienced smart TV developers. As smart TVs are a huge part of every living room getting your smart TV application developed is highly profitable. 

You might be seeking for a Samsung Smart TV app development or even an app for some other Smart TV brand. We have a team of smart TV app developers who have an extensive experience in Apple TV or any other Android based Smart TV. Our Smart TV services are often resorted by consumer brands, media companies and broadcasters as part of their strategy, as they want to maintain a constant connect with the viewers – making inroads in their drawing rooms.

Smart TV Application Development Expertise

Following are some of the features for our Smart TV application development services:
Technical Expertise

We have Smart TV app development experience in working across a wide array of technologies such as Samsung Native, Samsung Tizen app development. We also have the expertise in working with Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV and Amazon Fire. We are known to deal expertly with all the platforms and smart TV OS.

Working Seamlessly

We work seamlessly across Multiple Platforms with our VOD apps and live streaming, while leveraging third-party tools. Our developers are well-versed with all the new updates released by big brands or modifications made into the respective OS and hence can work flawlessly on any smart TV OS. Working faultlessly with any smart TV OS or on multiple platforms is one of our best attributes. 

Samsung TV App Development

What services We Offer for Smart TV app development?

We specialize in the following services on Smart TV app development:
Smart TV Application Design

As Being one of the best smart TV application development companies, we analyze the requirement of our clients and build the prototype of the smart TVs application design – on a specific platform. We work in collaboration with the design stakeholders and interview the users who are similar to the target audience and create visually pleasing storyboards.

Samsung TV App Development
Samsung TV App Development
Smart TV Application Testing

We employ comprehensive tools, test frameworks and techniques for carrying out with testing of our Smart TV applications – on a variety of platforms. This ensures fine-tuning of the viewer experience and optimized application performance.

Smart TV Application Development

We have in-depth knowledge on technologies related to Smart TV application development based on viewing environments, platforms and resolutions.
Our software development team have a band-width across a wide array of technologies such as Android, Roku, Apple, Samsung Native, Tizen and Smart TV Alliance.

Samsung TV App Development
Samsung TV App Development
Smart TV Application Maintenance

Minimum downtime and maximum availability are two of the parameters – that needs to be constantly monitored for the maintenance of Smart TV applications. Our experts of Smart TV applications continuously monitor the devices in real-time – for a smooth running of the applications. We also make sure that there is a maximum availability of applications – resulting in enhanced user experience and fetching a better ROI.

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A Smart TV  is a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos. Besides the traditional functions of television sets and set-top boxes provided through traditional broadcasting media, these devices can also provide Internet TV, online interactive media, over-the-top content (OTT), as well as on-demand streaming media, and home networking access.

Smart TV applications are web-based software programs that run on digital TVs connected to the Internet. With Smart TV applications, TV users can access web content via their TV screens. Unlike general web pages, applications for Smart TV allow users to employ TV-specific features.

  • Right techniques or approaches towards the application
  • Consider the origin and endpoint of the applications to be developed 
  • Create the right media content
  • The user-friendly environment 
  • Focus on UX principles for designing amazing Smart TV applications
  • Consider factors that’ll make it easy for the users to use the application.

Transparency, quick delivery and flexibility using AGILE processes is the core of our DNA. From Samsung to Roku to Chromecast we expertly put our knowledge of AGILE methodology to develop the smart TV applications. 

As smart TVs are in demand so are their applications. Of course, it’s cost-effective and profitable to own smart TV apps.  Hiring Smart TV app developers is not very costly if you go for the right company. The developers charge according to the application and project requirement which isn’t very costly. And it’ll take 5-6 months for the application to be developed with accuracy and quality assurance. But in some scenarios, everything depends on the complexity and the structure of the application. 


  • Thorough Research 
  • Following Client’s ideas 
  • Researching about the content
  • Keeping the audience in mind while developing the content
  • Planning 
  • Keeping in mind the origin and endpoint of the application to be developed
  • Choosing the right technology 
  • Considering re-usability and reducing cycle 
  • Designing 
  • Developing 
  • Deploying 
  • Verifying and validation of the application

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