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Getting the application developed and published it on the stores for the end-users isn’t enough when it comes to smart TV applications. Maintaining the already developed smart TV application, looking into its working functionality, fixing failures, correcting errors, fixing bugs, modifying it, releasing the updated versions all these things are also equally important. Making sure applications are robust, secure, improving in terms of performance and in-turn gaining viewers are also vital. 

At 4 Way Technologies, we take care of everything from maintaining smart TV application to fixing the bugs, looking into the failures to adding new features. We make sure to provide maximum availability of the applications and to minimize downtime. We also deal with Digital Rights Management (DRM) making sure digital content on your application has rights reserved. We have a dedicated Smart TV app maintenance team which are experts in Samsung, Apple TV, Android, LG and Roku. Our developers work with OTT platforms as well. At 4 Way Technologies Smart TV app maintenance is not just about maintaining the application and debugging it’s a lot more like adding trending videos, updating the application as per the new technologies, maintenance of channels as well etc.

Why 4 Way Technologies?

Our developers move forward as per the rule book of maintenance –

  1. Learning Architecture 

    Our smart TV App maintenance team believes in moving ahead step by step. Firstly, they do a thorough research of the architecture of the application in question, how it is built, language, platform, OS, underlying idea, base, content used, videos (if any), compatible with set-top-boxes and every other little details as well.

  2. Analysis

    Secondly comes, analysis. Our developers analyze the subscribers, type of subscription plans, and everything concerned in terms of applications and to increase it’s viewers and bucks as well.

  3. Monitor

    After learning about the architecture and analysing all the little details. Our smart TV app maintenance team monitor the application, its behaviour, progress, number of increasing viewers, processing, backend bugs, failures and everything for a while.

  4. Identify

    After monitoring the application for enough time and noting every possible changes and updates. Our team works towards identifying the possible areas and levels to work on and improve and fix bugs. In this phase, our developers also predict and identify possible future threats.

  5. Check

    In this phase, our developers check how the particular solution or update or modification will work, what effect it will have on the application and the number of users.

  6. Track

    We keep a track of everything happening within the application and of the outer world to come up with amazing solutions to help you grow and interact with your users better.

  7. Fix

    At last, we do all the fixing. We debug the errors, fix the failures, fix the bugs, look into the app crashing problems and work on it. We also fix the content issue so that you won’t lose any viewers because of the poor quality of the content and still attract more users.

OTT Video Platform

Not Just Managing Over-The-Top Videos

OTT Video Platform

Our developers are well-versed with Over-The-Top (OTT) services. In OTT users are directly available to access the streaming media through the Internet. OTT can be accessed through the app, website, smart TV, digital media players. 4 Way Technologies smart TV app maintenance team is capable of handling all types of devices. 

When it comes to managing OTT on Smart TV, we have certain steps that our developers follow –

  1. Monitor

    We monitor all the backend processes and as well as frontend processes to know how it appears to the viewers so that bugs can be fixed and modifications can be done at both the ends.

  2. Error Checking

    Our team then looks for any kind of errors or bugs that are slowing the video and it’s content, creating issues for the viewers. Our team comprises experts with keen eyes who are capable of detecting every kind of error and bug.

  3. Fixing

    After coming across the problems, issues and errors next step is to fix them so that the OTT services can work as smoothly as required. Our team works very minutely fixing every bug and error making sure it won’t encounter them again in future.

  4. Check the Content Source

    As being the OTT services the video content posted in it should be under regular surveillance making sure nothing obscenity will be posted on it, ruining your reputation and costing you your viewers and sales.

  5. Manage Video Content

    We’ll be responsible for managing the type of video content that’ll be posted. We’ll manage the content making sure it won’t affect your image and increase your number of viewers.

  6. Editing (if needed)

    We make sure to edit your content and the smart TV application as per the need and attracting more and more viewers.

  7. Managing Subscribers

    We’ll manage your subscribers making sure there won’t be any trouble from there en, harming your reputation.

  8. Modification

    We are responsible for modifying and coming up with best versions of client’s applications making sure the new one is better than the old one, helping gaining sales, popularity and users as well.

  9. Updation

    Our developers are known to come up with new and better updates, attracting new users and making sure old ones never leave.

Smart TVs


Samsung Smart TV

Maintaining Tizen Smart TV Apps

Our developers are well-versed with Tizen. They know how to develop applications, maintain them and work keenly on the channels as well. We deal with – 
  1. Content of the application
  2. Error handling
  3. Modifications
  4. Failure fixing
  5. Users
  6. Updation

Apple TV

Maintaining not just the Content but the tvOS Application in whole

Apple TV uses tvOS. Our developers have knowledge of tvOS, are well-aware of the latest updates and latest versions of tvOS.  We deal with – 

  1. Application/Channel Updation
  2. Customization
  3. Keeping a Track of the Application/Channel
  4. Debugging
  5. Fixing of the application if it crashes

Android TV

Know the Difference Between Android SmartPhone App and Android Smart TV App Maintenance 

Android TV definitely uses Android OS, but the development of Android TV applications are different from Android phones and so does the maintenance. Our developers know the difference between the two. And our purely capable of developing and maintaining both. Our developers have immense knowledge to deal with Smart TV app maintenance 

  1. Check the quality of content
  2. Error Handling
  3. Debugging
  4. Quality Check of the Application
  5. Provide Maximum Availability
  6. Maintain Minimum Downtime
  7. Real-Time Updates
  8. Monitor the Content for obscenity
Smart TV App Maintenance

LG Smart TV

Helping clients with WebOS App Maintenance

LG Smart TV uses LG WebOS. Our developers know inside out of the OS, well-aware of UI features. Our developers have immense knowledge of the versions and updates of the WebOS and work on it without any difficulty. We do – 

  1. Check on the type of Subscription users opt for
  2. Real-Time Additions
  3. Track on Content Quality
  4. Modifications
  5. Updation
  6. Error Handling
Smart TV App Maintenance

Roku Smart TV

Perfectly dealing with Roku OS App Maintenance 

Roku Smart TVs use their own operating system, Roku OS, it is a Linux-based OS. Our developers are well-versed from all the versions of Roku OS from Roku OS 3 to 9.2. Our Roku Developers are experts of BrightScript. For Roku Smart TV App Maintenance We do – 
  1. Bug Fixing
  2. Security Updates
  3. Additional Features
  4. Track and Modify OTT Contents
  5. Interface Revisions
  6. Updates
  7. Error Handling
Smart TV App Maintenance

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire OS App Maintenance yet another Speciality 

Amazon Fire TV uses Amazon Fire OS built on Android. Though it is built on Android still it’s functionality is quite different from Android. Our Smart TV App Developers are pro of Amazon Fire OS, know all the techniques of development and as well as maintenance Services we offer –

  1. Bug Fixing
  2. Monitoring  
  3. Security Check
  4. Updates
  5. Error Handling
  6. Adding Features
  7. Content Update

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