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asc success story

A Leading Application Security Company

A leading application security company helps the software developers to write secure code via gamification.

asc success story

Platform Availability

Web | Android | iOS


The aim of a leading application security company is to reduce the conflict between security and developer’s team. The company trains the developers to think and act with the security mindset by introducing challenges that require splendid knowledge of particular programming language and adequate security knowledge.


  • Build your skills online with the exercises.
  • One vulnerable solution.
  • Offers best advice through IDE coaching plug-in tools
  • Check your skillset via online assessments and certifications.
  • Keep an eye on your skill improvements and ROI
  • Language/Framework for which challenges are delivered
  • .net, Scala, Spring, Kotlin, Python and COBOL Content Development

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asc success story

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asc success story
asc success story
asc success story
asc success story

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Application Development Team Met The Stringent Delivery By Offering Scalable Business Solution


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