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Fittheroes success story

About Fittheroes

Fittheroes is a leading fitness trainer provider in Melbourne

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Platform Availability

Web | iOS | Android


FittHeroes is a platform having a network of elite Personal Trainers & Motivational Coaches which allow people seeking related services to find trainers, book their sessions and collaborate with others who undergo similar trainings.

Fittheroes success story


  • User โ€“ Features for general user to register, find trainer, book session, find training buddy, post feedback/complaints etc
  • Fitness Trainer โ€“ Features for fitness trainer to register, receive leads, view clients/income etc, manage referrals, manage associates etc
  • Administrator โ€“ Features for application/platform administrator to manage users, monetization model, transactions, handle grievances.

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Fittheroes success story

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asc success story
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Fittheroes success story

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