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IMFREE success story

About Iamfree

Imfree is the first IoMe platform that provides ability to share transactions between consumers and brand. All engagement rewards the members with free internet in Phillipines and unlocks brand knowledge value for marketers.

asc success story

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  • Focus is to detect any malicious, open back doors or potentially non-secure code
  • Any obvious flawed code that is likely to cause serious effect to the system
  • Recommendation and make necessary code changes in Python web and API
  • Recommendation and make necessary code changes in Android front-end
  • Integration of code
IMFREE success story
IMFREE success story


Client approached 4 Way Technologies to perform security code audit for their applications.

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IMFREE success story

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IMFREE success story

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Application Development Team Met The Stringent Delivery By Offering Scalable Business Solution

IMFREE success story

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