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Pandora success story

About Pandora

Pandora, the leading internet radio service, is redefining radio by revolutionizing the way people discover music.

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Platform Availability

Smart TV


  • Create personalized stations
  • Search and play any song
  • Download the music you want for offline listening
  • Channel switching via numeric keys on TV remote
  • All channel listing via Centre button click
  • System & System settings
  • Channel cache clear
Pandora success story
Pandora success story


The client approached 4 Way Technologies to develop Smart TV applications for Android TV, Apple TV and Smart TV followed with mobile app development.

Screen Shots

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Pandora success story

Technologies we used

Application Uses Recent Tools and Technologies

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buyme success story
buyme success story

Delivery Timeline

Application Development Team Met The Stringent Delivery By Offering Scalable Business Solution

Pandora success story

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