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shoplc success Story

About Shop LC

Shop LC is a professional electronic retailer of lifestyle products that serve in the UK and offers the same products to the customers in the UK.

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Platform Availability

Apple TV | Roku TV | Amazon Fire TV | Android TV | Samsung TV | LG TV


ShopLC offers 24X7 hours of services on all the platforms like satellites, DTH platforms. The company eagers to adopt upcoming digital native to enhance the customer experience by introducing the existing digital products for SMART TV Applications. The company believe to offer lifestyle product at low cost without compromising with quality

shoplc success story
shoplc success story


  • Intuitive User- Interface.
  • Easy purchase of the lifestyle product via live auctions.
  • Offer program guides to check the upcoming auction plans.

Application Visuals

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shoplc success Story

Technologies we used

Application Uses Recent Tools and Technologies

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shoplc success story


Delivery Timeline

Application Development Team Met The Stringent Delivery By Offering Scalable Business Solution

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