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Cloud Migration Services

4 Way Technologies for Cloud Migration

Cloud computing helps the quick identification of IT drivers for cloud strategies alongside the selection of right cloud platform. Our expert services will assist you plan, build and manage a cloud migration infrastructure using innovative cloud services. Discover process-led functional solutions delivered via SaaS model.

4 Way Technologies is helping startups and large enterprises become intuitively digital by deriving new insights and unlocking opportunities. Our business cloud solutions will prove to be the game-changer, providing operational efficiencies to run the business better.

Develop scalable and extendable solutions for your business


Amazon Transformation Services

We leverage the cloud transformation framework to help clients migrate their business applications and workload to a cloud environment. Our service provider enables an agile, secure, hassle-free transformation with minimal intrusion and maximum automation.

Azure Managed Services

AWS Cloud Migration

Businesses often finds it tough and intimidating to move to AWS. Our expert service providers will use the proven methods to reduce interruptions and risks while making crucial progress in the cloud migration services


AWS Cloud Consultation and Operation

We define the right cloud migration strategies that include assessment, cloud selection, security, and operation models. Our operational service will integrate the full stack of workloads, running on hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud computing solutions adapting to the changing business needs


Azure Consulting

Our designers and architects provide infrastructure alongside consultation for the movement of existing applications and platforms to a scalable centric framework.


Windows Azure Design and Development

We design and deploy a variety of services depending on the business requirements. Enterprises can develop scalable mobile and web apps using our expert services.

Azure Managed Services

Testing and Compatibility

The scalable mobile & web apps developed by 4 Way Technologies will ensure the working of applications on different platforms and devices flawlessly.

Applying lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle


DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

We help to assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and toolchain. Identify the traceable metrics and visualize the desired state.

Azure Managed Services

DevOps Pilot Framework and Tool Stack Construction

Implement the standard DevOps setup by creating a pilot framework. Leverage the existing tools and integrate them with a strong ecosystem.


DevOps End-to-End Implementation

We help the analysis, design, construction, and implementation of the business needs. Our assistance will help the management and enhancement of business applications.

Our programmers and developers help the designing of the best websites


Google Cloud Consultation

We provide the best consultation for the development of apps using the Google App Engine. Our consulting team will undergo all the steps and process required to provide the right type of consultation for business app construction.

AWS Mighration

Google Cloud Development

We develop high-rated apps that will fulfill your business requirements. We will design applications using the best app engine development procedure.


Google Cloud Migration

Migrate to Google app engine with quick updates for the mobile and web applications.

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