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Android App Development

Android happens to be the most widely user OS. Our company strictly follow the Google Android guidelines, as we design and develop customized Android application. As an Android App Development Company , we are fully updated with the latest updates in the Android application development space. We will help you with some of the robust, scalable Android apps โ€“ incorporating the latest features. We offer customized android app development solutions to offer ingenious user experience โ€“ through our Android apps.

Our adroit Android app developers have access to a wide range of tools for developing powerful, visually pleasing Android apps. Our expertise lies in Android Studio, SDK (Software Development Kit), Debuggers, Media APIs, Wi-fi APIs, location-based service APIs, external libraries, database management systems, OpenGL, 3D Graphics, security architecture and many such more.

Why Companies Opt for Android App Development?

The greatest advantage that Android has over other OS is that there is an open marketplace for the distribution of the apps. So, when we publish an app on the open marketplace such as Google Play, we simply arrive at a huge installed base of Android. Following are some of the reasons for which companies opt for Android app development

Since the Android Software Development Kit(SDK) is available free to the developer community, the cost of developing Android apps is low, which fetches a higher Return on Investment(ROI).

Android is scripted in Java, which comes with a rich set of libraries. So, our Java programmers. find it easy to develop an Android app.

Android is easy to customize. It is considered to be the right solution for your business as you have the power to tweak the mobile app as per the requirements of your business โ€“ making them more contemporary in terms of functionality and features.

The Android OS is a product from Google and is backed with the excellent backing of support services from Google.

We understand that Android has captured 82 % of market share in the smart phone market and resides on one billion devices – all over the globe which provides higher opportunities.

Advantages of Android App Development Services from 4Way Technologies

Following are some advantages, you can get while working with our company:

android mobile app developement

Understanding of app development ideas.

Deep research and analysis by or developers - to meet our user requirements.

Cost-efficient, reliable services from an Android App Development Company

Acute level of knowledge, proficiency in the latest in Android app development.

Confidentiality of information and data.

24 X 7 expert guidance.

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