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React Native App Development with 4 Way Technologies

React Native is an open-source project developed by Facebook. Our developers use React Native to develop a set of codes (in Javascript) and get a performance similar to Native. Although React Native Development was originally used for iOS support, it has also extended to Android, because of its immense popularity. It is possible to develop for both Android and iOS simultaneously by using React Native. This reduces the cost of development.

Our expert developers use React because of the reusability of React Native. They can use the building blocks and use it as Native component to be complied into Native language of Java meant for Android and Objective-C for iOS. Our developers also choose React for other reasons like easier upkeep and faster development.

Why React Native App Development?

React Native is one of the high-performance development framework – which is suitable to develop mobile apps in both Android and iOS environments. Following are some of the benefits faced by our developers, while using React Native

1 Cost reduction is one of the biggest advantages for our developers to use the cross-platform development with React Native.
2 When our team of developers need to develop a website as well as a mobile app using React, it is advantageous to use the platform because it is easy for the developer to jump from one to another.

3 It is wise of our developers to use React Native as it has a single codebase consisting of the general business logic of the app. Only the UI elements are separate for each platform. So, our developers will take lesser time for debugging as they just need to fix the bugs only once – that is in the common codebase.

4When our team of developers work on React Native uses all the Native controls. The effect of this Native Control is that our developers are able to deliver a smooth performance – that strikes an amalgamation of user experience and native feel.

5 Our developers can also develop applications like payment system integration, encryption and geolocations – with the use of third-party native libraries in React Native.

6Our developers are expert with the cross-platform applications be it iOS or Android we’re known to deliver the best. 

Advantages of React Native App Development Services

We at 4Way technologies offer the following advantages with our services on React Native :

  1. We create cheaper cross-platforms apps.
  2. Our services results in lesser expenses on quality assurance.
  3. Our developers have in-depth knowledge on the APIs.
  4. It is easier for us to quickly develop prototypes with React Native App Development – which works on both iOS and Android.
  5. Releasing mobile apps also become easier with React.
  6. Our services offer the uniform user experience as sought by our app users.
  7. We reach out to a wider target audience by using React Native App Development.

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   React Native is an open-source framework for mobile application development in addition to web application development as well. It is released by Facebook in March 2015. React Native is one of the widely used cross-platform mobile application development frameworks. It is used for Android, iOS, Web and UWP(Universal Windows Platform). React Native is ReactJS with Native platform capabilities. React Native is inspired by React, so the basic idea of the information flow is similar to it. It is easy to call Native functions from React Native (Native modules).

React Native is used for building eye-catching user interfaces. It allows developers to build Native mobile apps for both iOS and Android, whether it is a mobile app or web app, react native works perfectly fine because it works very fast and efficient

React Native is the most dynamic framework that enhances the user experience. React Native is based on native components. React Native has  JavaScript layer that helps them to connect with native components easily.React Native is older than Flutter, and it boasts a bigger community. Not to mention the fact that the Facebook team has had plenty of time to stabilize the API as well as focus on fixing any underlying issues.

The beauty of React Native is you only have to build your app once, in JavaScript. Where traditional development of iOS and Android apps require two versions being produced from scratch, React Native enables using one codebase. This saves time on developing the apps and makes maintenance leaner because your developers don’t have to do the same job twice.

Hiring React Native cross-platform developers is not costly if you hire them from the right company. The developers charge usually on an hourly basis. And it’ll take 5-6 months for the application to be developed.  Father everything depends on the complexity and the structure of the application.

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