Why React Native?

React Native is one of the high-performance development framework which is suitable to develop mobile apps in both Android and iOS environments. Following are some of the benefits faced by our developers, while using React Native

1Cost reduction is one of the biggest advantages for our developers to use the cross-platform development with React Native.

2When our team of developers need to develop a website as well as a mobile app using React, it is advantageous to use the platform because it is easy for the developer to jump from one to another.

3It is wise for our developers to use React Native as it has a single codebase consisting of the general business logic of the app. Only the UI elements are separate for each platform. So, our developers will take lesser time for debugging as they just need to fix the bugs only once that is in the common codebase.

4React Native uses fully native controls. The effect of this Native Control is that our developers are able to deliver a smooth performance - that strikes an amalgamation of user experience and native feel.

5Our developers can also develop applications like payment system integration, encryptions and geolocations - with the use of third-party native libraries in React Native.

6Our expert developers have the knowledge base to reuse codes with React Native. They know how to use modified native UI components in their already existing codes.

Advantages of Our React Native based Services

We at 4Way technologies offer the following advantages with our services on React Native :

Native Application Designing & Development

1We create cheaper cross-platforms apps.

2Our services results in lesser expenses on quality assurance.

3Our developers have in-depth knowledge on the APIs.

4It is easier for us to quickly develop prototypes with React Native - which works on both iOS and Android.

5Releasing mobile apps also become easier with React.

6Our services offer the uniform user experience as sought by our app users.

7We reach out to a wider target audience by using cross-platform app development.

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