With the rise of Smart TVs, comes the rise of smart product development for the brand connection. Android TV is the streaming app platform built into most of the modern day Smart TV screens. Custom branded Android TV apps will help increase your viewership and we can help the development of such precise applications.

At 4 Way Technologies, we assist the android TV app development for the clients to carter the full benefit of a smart TV. Android TV requires dedicated apps built for the Smart TV platform and TV screens specifically. These could only be performed by expert Android TV developer. The apps for android mobiles cannot be used on a TV screen.

Android TV App Development

What is the expertise of 4 Way Technology?

Android Smart TV Application
Android TV Application Design
The requirements are analyzed and then prototyped for the Android platform. We ensure that the designed are modeled keeping in mind the target users, platforms, resolutions and the viewing environment. We come up with visually pleasing storyboards collaborating with design stakeholders.
Android TV Application Design

Android TV Application Development

We develop intuitive Android TV app development for various resolutions and viewing environment. Our seamless work will help the development of live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) applications that work on the Android platform.
Android Smart TV Application Company
Android TV Application Testing
The Outcome App of an agile android TV development process needs to be tested properly, we have an end-to-end testing team of Smart TV applications that uses a comprehensive suite of test frameworks, tools, and techniques to fine-tune the viewer experience and optimize the performance of applications. 4 Way Technologies will ensure effective and accurate testing of applications for Android platform with different screen sizes and resolution.
Smart TV Application Company
Android TV Application Maintenance
We will ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime through proper maintaining. It will lead to proper maintenance of Android TV applications. We offer real-time time application maintenance service to ensure that the Android apps are up and running continuously.

How to publish to Android TV?

We will be happy to launch the app into dedicated app store after the development. The apps developed by us will attract the TV-loving audience in a smarter way. 4 Way Technologies will help connect your Android TV app for instant publishing and real-time media management.

Are you facing challenges developing Android TV app? We are well equipped to tackle all new challenges with the development. What you ask for, you get here. We can make sure that your Android TV application supports multiple controllers at once alongside the different type of controllers. We can also handle the problem of indifferent pixel density even in the same resolution, smartly.

We are open to any custom software development projects with the specification provided by our clients.

We master at:

Android Smart TV application development
Application porting from Android phones to Android smart TV devices
Android TV App Development
Android application designs and cross-platform development
Standard mobile solutions integration into the Android smart TV apps
Android Smart TV devices game development

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