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ChromeCAST App Development

Chromecast is the streaming device which casts numerous apps, major broadcasts and content networks from the mobiles or laptops to the TV at an ease. It is providing a new kind of access to movies, shows, videos, apps and content to its users. We are in the age of remote-less set top boxes and we can assist you to build apps for TV viewing operated via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 4 Way Technologies help brands get content in front of Chromecast viewers instantly.

The Chromecast browser runs dedicated web applications known as receiver applications which requires an external source for input media. Here comes the need for sender applications and the user can a sender app in the Smart Phone & enjoy the output in the Chromecast screen. We are experienced in Chromecast app development and we build exclusive apps for Google Cast devices. It will increase your business presence on your customers’ TV sets.


Our app developers have the technical expertise to target audience in different environments through applications. 4 Way Technologies is fully devoted to requirements of the clients and specializes in innovative Chromecast app development.

ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development
Chromecast Application Design

All the key stakeholders are consulted and a layout is presented before the development of the application. Our developers take special notice of the platform requirements and come-up with suitable application design.

ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development

Chromecast Application Development

We develop the Google Chrome cast apps with utter precision. The development process of 4 Way Technologies includes the namespace, initialization, device selection, launch, media control, media status, session management, and termination.

ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development
Chromecast Application Testing

We test the apps to be best responsive to end-to-end functions. Testing is crucial before the app submission in an app store and we make sure that all the parameters are ticked.

ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development
Chromecast Maintenance and Support

We ensure maximum availability and our support service is available 24*7. Our expert team maintains the apps in the best possible manner.


Our specialized Chromecast developers build and publish Google cast-ready apps for iOS, Android and Web apps. Our advanced apps based on latest Google Cast technology can be ported very easily from other platforms.

We have experts for –
ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development
ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development Chromecast Application Development
ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development Application Porting Tasks
ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development Multi-screen Applications
ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development Cross-platform Development
ChromeCAST Smart TV Apps Development

As a gadget, Chromecast is allowing customers to stream media from smartphones or laptops on to TV and the app that we will build for you are casted by the users on the big screen with a single tap on the Cast button. We make sure that our clients get the best benefits out of the app and build the brand.

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