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Why Roku Development?

Smart TVs are evolving continuously and thus, there is a huge change in the way television is viewed today. Smart TVs require smart apps and that is opening the door of opportunities for brands & businesses to build a new channel. Roku has emerged as the biggest player in the world of set-top box devices where VOD (Video On Demand) is gaining much preference.

Roku is offering a series of streaming devices that let you stream over-the-top media content in real-time over the internet. The Roku devices can be connected to your TV via HDMI cable. Roku TV is allowing instant streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies. Are you looking to develop an app for Roku TV? 4 Way Technologies can help you develop, deploy, and maintain Roku Apps we have an amazing team of Roku app developers.

It is important that you put emphasis on developing high-quality applications that engage your audience and help you differentiate your business. We have the expert team of Roku Developers that will take care of the projects from conception to completion.

Why To Hire Roku Developer from 4 Way Technologies?

Roku is way ahead of its competitors, having a wide range of audience. Developing Roku TV apps with 4 Way Technologies will provide the opportunity for a business expansion.


Roku Application Design

Our Roku app development team analyzes the client requirement and come-up with superlative designs. The designs will be in-line with the platform requirements and we will ensure visually pleasing storyboards.

Roku Application Development

We have the Roku developers fully confined to the development of Roku TV apps. Our robust and highly scalable IT infrastructure will help the Roku app development and launch of Roku app in channels. We carry out all the coding in-house and none of our work is outsourced in any manner.


Roku Application Testing

We carry out the testing of apps for minimizing the risks and maximizing the velocity.

Roku Application Maintenance

Maintenance of the app is a crucial factor in the success of a business strategy. We ensure maximum availability with timely maintenance and check-ups. Our real-time application maintenance service will ensure that Roku TV apps are up and running in full-flow.



We have top-notch Roku app developers building and expanding applications to solidify the connected TV presence. Our Roku developers possess the experience of multi-platform Smart TV App Development which reduces the development cost significantly.

We are proficient in –

  • Multiple screen applications
  • Roku TV application development
  • Application porting from other platforms to Roku TV
  • Roku TV game development
  • Standard integrated solutions into the Roku TV
  • Amazon Fire TV App Development.

4 Way Technologies will build the apps with you, get them published instantly and provide critical upgrades & new features automatically. You need not worry about the Roku app development process and simply focus on your business. We are totally devoted to fulfilling the expectations of our clients and endeavor high-grade products within timelines.

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Roku discovered streaming for the TV all in a new way, and Roku developers aspire to power every TV in the world. Roku connects users to the streaming content they love, enables content publishers to build and monetize larger audiences, and provides advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers and pursue them to buy the desirable products or services.

There are many video streaming platforms on the market today, but in a most-sensible way, Roku stands out as one of the most powerful and user-friendly solutions available. It is a platform that should be seriously considered by any content owner looking to expand their offering across emerging platforms. Roku was one of the pioneers in streaming to over the top (OTT) devices at the very beginning of the cord-cutting era. Since releasing their first streaming device, which carried Netflix (Roku DVP) in 2008, they have continued to maintain a leading position in the United States, with over 37% market share of all streaming devices worldwide.

The Roku devices run a custom Linux distribution called Roku OS. Updates to the software include bug fixes, security updates, feature additions, and many new interface revisions. Roku pushes OS updates to supported devices in a staggered release. OS updates are rolled out to a percentage group of candidate devices to ensure the build is stable before being made available to masses. Roku developers keep on updating the OS’s previous even coming with new to keep up the ever-changing technological world. 

First Roku operating system was OS 2.4 released on 12/17/2009. And the last updation was OS 2.9 released on 03/31/2011 before the release of OS 3. The most recent Roku OS 9.2 was released on 9/24/2019.

Most of Roku applications and channels are also available Apple Store and Google Play Store as well. Roku media content and applications are now also streaming on Amazon Fire and Apple TV+. It is way more profitable to own Roku applications and channels because Roku is one of the leading manufacturers of streaming devices and people investing a fairly larger amount in its services and products.

  • Great planning and designing of the application/channel and application UI for Roku.
  • Implementing code perfectly on Roku OS.
  • Debugging and testing of the application.
  • Packaging and launching of the application.
  • Keeping the distance between the TV screen and sofa in mind. 
  • Planning the application according to the remote control navigation of Roku streaming devices. 
  • Thorough research on the newest Roku technologies 

We have a team of expert developers who have immense knowledge about all the Roku operating systems and pro in Linux.Our developers can design and develop the Roku applications/channels without any difficulty irrespective of the OS. 

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