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How to use Roku Advanced Layout Editor for Design and Development

RALE (Roku Advanced Layout Editor) is a graphical tool developed by Roku developers that let the ARM developers to examine the user’s SceneGraph and make any modifications if needed.

As all the ARM developers are aware developing a Roku channel is an iterative process that involves lots of changes in UI and design to get the right theme and to appeal to the masses. To make developing and designing easy for the ARM developers RALE is the right tool. Developers and designers can dynamically develop/design the UI components of a channel for swift prototyping and design purposes. Any modifications made by you in the tool’s editor will be reflected real-time in an illustration channel on a local Roku device. The Roku Advanced Layout Editor (RALE) is a tool made by Roku developers that gives a hierarchical view of the node tree in the Roku SceneGraph channel.

The RALE features – 

  • Interactive Layout 
  • Component Drag and Drop 
  • Component Fields Editor 
  • Hierarchical RSG View 
  • Channel Templates 
  • Device Manager……

And many more being developed and experimented by Roku development team on a daily basis.

How to use RALE? 

  • The first step for RALE is to download the application. 

Download RALE!! 

Note: Your Roku device must be in developer mode to use RALE with your device. The instructions to allow developer mode are Home, Home Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

  • After downloading, when you open the application, a landing page will appear. To start the application, add your Roku device to the device list. On the landing page of the application, click the label “Select Device” at the top of the screen
  • If you’re the first time user, RALE has an example node hierarchy tree already built into one of its templates. This template is known as Sliding Panels and it can be reached through the channel samples. Click “Select Channel” situated next to your device after you’ve selected your target Roku device. From here you can select the template you want to use, or upload your own zip to edit.
  • The code for these templates can be located in the Roku developers Eclipse Plugin.

Sample screen for the Eclipse Plugins.

How does editing work in RALE?

Apart from rendering templates, RALE also offers a quick modification feature to transform your SceneGraph components on the spinner. You can use this feature to switch fields, or node hierarchy in your SceneGraph while deployed. After loading your application, RALE will furnish you with a node hierarchy of your SceneGraph application.

Not only can you modify the fields of these nodes, but the UI elements can actually be changed via a GUI that only RALE gives. Inside the node hierarchy, the layout tab provides a GUI representation of your SceneGraph application. Select the node that you want to modify, and then select the layout tab on the right side view. From here you can resize, move, or change your UI, whatever you want.

Moving and resizing of the node in the GUI will definitely correspond with your Roku application on the TV.

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