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Is Your Organization Ready For DevOps?

Is your Org ready for devops

Most of the businesses are opting for DevOps for the benefits DevOps offer such as better quality, shorter period of development cycle, faster release of features and many more. Indeed, they reap a lot of benefits, but the question is how the businesses able to adopt DevOps successfully.  How they know DevOps is perfect for them?

Let us find the answer together!

How to identify if DevOps is right for you? 

Please feel free to consider below-mentioned points!

Is your organization ready for the change in culture? 

DevOps is primarily about creating a culture to enable seamless communication between developers and operations. There, Dev and Ops work together for the best results in the complete absence of silos.
If your business is a startup, you have the advantage of defining the culture right from the scratch.
But if it is an existing organizations, then, you need to change the existing culture. If your company loves its existing culture, then, you are not ready for the DevOps.
The important part is the absence of Silos. If the departments are not sharing information and are unable to break silos, it is a clear indication that your organization is not ready for DevOps.

Is your organization ready for automation? 

             The key to the success of DevOps is automation. Automation helps to make changes easily and quickly. If you are building, testing, deploying manually, and not automating something that can be automated, then, perhaps your organization is not ready for DevOps.

Is your organization ready for the changes in the infrastructure?

              The changes in infrastructure are needed right from the software development to deployment stage that allows them to scale up operations quickly. A study shows that organizations that shifted to cloud infrastructure were more likely to be high performers. Many organizations do not have the right tooling sets and expertise knowledge to monitor the efficiency of the delivery pipeline. If you are one of them and don’t want to make changes and improvements in the infrastructure, then, unfortunately, you are not ready for DevOps.

Is the management ready to delegate your authority? 

              DevOps team has to make several changes and important decisions. If the management is not willing to give autonomy and to delegate authority to the DevOps team for making decisions, then, it is not possible to shift to DevOps. Unless the management stops imposing decisions on the members of DevOps, your organization will not be ready for DevOps.

Are you ready to accept failures? 

              “We think of effortless performance as desirable, but it’s really a terrible way to learn. Things that appear to be obstacles turn out to be desirable in the long haul,” says Daniel Coyle in one of his books. That means making mistakes and accepting them is justified as they teach us a lot more. That’s what the concept of DevOps required.

               If you don’t want to accept your failed experimentations, then, sorry, you are not ready for DevOps. This attitude will not be going to help you as this will only lead to heavy penalization in terms of failures due to which several barriers will arise. The management should analyze the reasons and try to find ways to make better solutions but they should not blame others for the failure. 

Are you agile enough for DevOps? 

              One of the important factors of DevOps is continuous delivery. The tools that help us for continuous delivery and continuous integration are agile and matured. The question is that “is your business agile enough or not?” If you feel the agile practices are just halfway in your business, you are not ready for DevOps. 

Is your team ready to accept a higher level of responsibilities? 

              When you move to DevOps, the responsibilities of developers are redefining. They are forced to accept more responsibilities. They have to ensure that their code does not break anything and if it does break something, it should be easy to fix. If your team is not ready with knowledge and confidence to accept more responsibilities, you are not yet ready for DevOps. 

Are you ready to make the necessary investments? 

             To achieve success in DevOps, you have to invest in technology and automation. You should first analyze what investments you are going to need for building, deploying, testing and reporting automation. It is true that many DevOps are driven by open source tools that are free. However, you have to take into consideration the costs incurred on configuring and supporting these free tools. You also have to plan for investments to be made in architecture and API management etc. First, make plans for your budget. If you feel you are not ready to make the necessary investments, you should not start to establish DevOps immediately.

Tips to make your organization ready for DevOps

  1. To create a DevOps-favorable culture, you should encourage transparency, allow autonomy, praise the accomplishments, encourage diversity and encourage team ethos. The leadership should drive both ‘Dev’ and ‘Ops’ to a common set of goals. Setting up shared goals will help in removing bottlenecks and improving performance. 
  2. DevOps is all about collaboration, innovation and coordination that can be made possible only through automation. Get your organization ready for automation.
  3. Setting an infrastructure that has a faultless strategy to plan, verify, sync and monitor DevOps is of utmost importance. Tools should be set up to manage, configure and verify all processes. 
  4. The management should ask questions, get answers, guide the DevOps team and give incentives but should not impose decisions. 
  5. You cannot learn to ride a scooter without falling. So, you should prepare yourselves to accept failures and make sure that the cost of failures is as small as possible. Bring down the cost of failure but don’t penalize failures heavily. 

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