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Top Mistakes everyone makes while Implementing DevOps

Tops mistakes when implementing devops

Making mistakes is the sweetest spot in the lives of each one of us as during the whole process of making mistakes and subsequently correction, we become wiser and worldly smart.

Similarly, making mistakes during DevOps implementation can teach us lots of good lessons. But, that doesn’t mean you continuously made the same mistakes again and again as this will only lead to severe consequences.

Let’s see what these common mistakes are!

Creating a separate DevOps department 

Most of the organizations create a separate DevOps department to manage framework and DevOps strategy. That is the most common mistake as it is difficult for the Development and Operation team to deal with another team that needs to coordinate with everyone. The aim of DevOps is to improve collaboration of development and operation team to produce the software rapidly. But introducing a separate team leads to a complicated and lengthy process.
So, organization must focus on the DevOps process rather than a separate department for operation execution.

Confusing DevOps title 

DevOps is a combination of development and operations. But, some organizations defined DevOps as refashioned agile development practices, others defined it as new supporting tools that automate the process of assembling, deploying and operation apps.
And some organizations run into a DevOps program by following the rat-race blindly as all of their competitors or the big players are doing it. 
That leads to the hiring of the wrong DevOps engineers without truly understanding the job requirements. But, corporations got to be terribly clear on the essential necessities of DevOps before hiring. This way they can choose the right professionals. These new hires should be able to adopt new technologies and have in-depth expertise in doing this.
But, the best way to define DevOps is to examine precisely what is driving your need to adopt the concept, in terms of what it can contribute to receiving your organization’s overall business goals.

Kicking off the implementation without adequate planning 

            Implementation of DevOps needs extensive planning and an unfailing strategy. Some organizations move to DevOps with the vision to compete against their competitors. But, the most common mistake they do is to hire DevOps professionals who are ready to work with a small team of less-skilled DevOps professionals without understanding the existing workloads of their DevOps teams and teammates, and their skills and their ability to execute tasks. This leads to the delivery of poor quality of work with unmotivated teams, and programmers who are brushing up their resumes ready to jump to another company’s payroll.
Organizations should clearly quantify the workload of the team and the individual, devise key performance indicators and mechanism to monitor them, and train and educate them on this new process.

Believing that you can buy DevOps 

             Companies are of the false impression that you can buy DevOps just like buying hardware stuff like computers and routers etc. and software stuff like operating systems, antiviral products etc. Most organizations are not able to understand that DevOps is not a product that can be bought. DevOps – an idea of people working together that cannot be brought into practice in a single day or overnight. It needs the transformation of mindset, approaches and many more. If you are planning to buy DevOps with a budget, then you are mistaken.

Giving priority to speed over quality 

              Many companies consider speedy delivery over the quality of the product that is the biggest mistake. Trying to complete as many projects as possible without worrying about quality leads to disastrous results. Such as Applications will not function as intended.
So, one thing is clear that increasing speed at the expense of security and quality is a big mistake.

               The key here is to have both. Speed and quality should go hand in hand. Speed should be achieved without compromising on quality.
To keep security and quality high, development groups ought to conduct testing as early within the development method as doable. More significantly, prove that the release candidate is prepared for continuous delivery before deploying.

Not ready to make internal modifications 

              DevOps principles provide a common foundation. But every organization should be ready to make internal modifications as per their needs and goals. To customize DevOps for your business, your team should master the fundamentals of DevOps which is often referred to as CALMS. The term CALMS is the abbreviation for culture, automation, lean, measurement and sharing. Failure to make internal modifications is one of the mistakes during implementation. 

Giving overemphasis to agile development

Many organizations believe that agile development is enough to implement DevOps successfully. However, it is a misconception. Agility is the ability to identify changes internally and externally to deliver value to the customers. When you overemphasize agility, your organization will gain unsustainable speed. This leads to the delivery of the product with less quality.
Therefore, the focus of organizations should be on delivering the best user experience, building new features and making improvements in the delivery and deployment engine. 

Failure to stay updated on the knowledge of tools 


               Tools’ insufficient knowledge leads to the wrong tools’ selection. Without proper knowledge, making the right choice will seem tough as there are plenty of tools available in the market. Although, the proper integration of tools is a big challenge and plays an important part too.
So, the development and the operations team can build, deploy and work together.

Ignoring automation of database 

              Often companies ignore automation of database while implementing DevOps. Automation of database is essential for the successful implementation of DevOps. If database development lags behind application development, it will affect continuous delivery. Application changes depend upon database structures. As DevOps gains momentum, there is a closer integration between applications and database. Without database automation, DevOps implementation of DevOps will not be entirely successful. 

Insufficient preparation for cultural change 

              Focusing on upgrading tools and programs without implementing cultural changes is one of the major mistakes. It is important to create a DevOps culture in the organization. It can be really painful and difficult to promote DevOps culture but it is very important. You should break down silos and promote collaboration and communication. Cultural change involves sharing responsibility, setting common goals, encouraging exploration, rewarding efforts and allowing room for failure etc. These should be done before implementing DevOps. 

Once you overcome all challenges you are ready to implement DevOps and enjoy its benefits. Avoid the common mistakes of DevOps implementation to ensure the growth of your business. 

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