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6 Amazing Mobile App Development Ideas To Fuel up the Startups!!

A mobile application development company startup is mostly about the good, innovating idea with other things like coding, designing, marketing strategy. But of course, everything is secondary if you don’t have an amazing idea for your mobile application what will you work on, right? 

Coming up with the innovative idea may seem an easy task, but it is the most difficult and important part for mobile app development. Difficult because there are millions of mobile applications already floating in the market your idea should be amazing, innovating and yet appealing to the users even if the similar application is already there in the market and important because if you don’t have an idea how will your startup take the flight? 

6 Amazing Mobile App Development Ideas

#1 Application for TaxPayers, in short for all

Every honest citizen pays tax, of course, it is a pride, but it is also not easy to cut short the tax payments. Hence, Application for TaxPayers is one of the best ideas that not only help your users for the Taxpaying but also does the calculation. You can develop this application to calculate, the tax amount the user needs to pay according to the income and ensure that the tax is paid is correctly in addition to the Tax calculator you can add also add Calendar that will automatically remind the user to pay tax. 

#2 All-in-One Entertainment Application 

As nowadays, online entertainment is the new fashion one can obviously go a step ahead in the business with developing his own entertainment mobile application or can outshine everyone else by merging all the existing applications into one. Mobile app developers can develop one application that consists of all the famous applications like Amazon Prime, NetFlix, HBO Now, Hulu etc in one place. Your users don’t need to have different applications to watch their favourite shows from NetFlix or Amazon Prime you can bring them to one place. 

#3 Transportation Guide 

One can obviously start with the easy local transportation guide of his city or nearby town. Suppose, one is new to town and have no idea what route one should follow or what transport one should opt, your Transportation Guide will be the saviour. You can add a map of the city with landmarks that will guide the user with the help of his current location, with available vehicles with compared prices so that the person can choose between the bus or the cab and in addition, you can also mention public toilets or nearby cafes or necessary shops. 

#4 Goal to Achieve with the Visual Track how close one is to the Goal

This is still kind of a new idea. You can develop an application which let your users fill in the details and the goals they need to achieve monthly, quarterly or annually. And accordingly, the application will fetch what work they have done to achieve their goal on a daily basis, remind them of the things missing and accordingly the virtual representation of the user will move on the track. For example – one of your user’s goal is to get admission to Boston University and hence the mobile application will track her daily achievements, remind her for the pending tuition fee and as her marks improve the virtual representation of the user will move forward on the track that will ultimately lead to the Boston University. 

#5 Cookery Application as per the User’s need

There are thousands of cookery applications doing rounds on the app stores but this one will be different from those and you can outshine the competition with this easily. You don’t need to develop a simple cookery application where there will be a list of recipes and their ingredients and top chefs videos available. But your application will be different, you’ll ask the user to fill the ingredients available with him and help him with the number of dishes he can cook for himself with the available ingredients without any load of buying stuff. People will definitely gonna love this one. And of course, for the updated version you can invite your users to upload their witty cooking videos with new crazy, mouthwatering ideas. Like this, it’ll be a win-win for both the mobile app developers and users. 

#6 Personalized Gift Application 

Ferns and Petals, Amazon for delivering gifts and there are many more like this. But this application is somewhat a blend of all these and yet very different hence earning you the user attention any mobile app development company can ever wish for. Personalized Gift Application is a very thoughtful idea. Instead of having a general-gift application, this will be a personalized one. As per the user’s need and data. With the list of gifts, flowers, cakes, there will be a calendar. After sign up, you’ll ask your customer to fill the dates, occasions, gift, cake and flowers preferences all in a personalized manner. And as the date approaches your application will notify your user about it and the new items available.

Wrapping Up

As mobile is the newest need, so does the mobile apps are newest way for the business.  And for getting in the mobile app development business, the idea should be amazing with new additions even it is an old one. 

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