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Build apps using iPad, with Swift Playgrounds 4.0.

Make Apps On Your iPad

Now for the first time, it is possible to create iOS apps using only your iPad!

The new Swift Playgrounds 4.0 allows you to build iOS apps & submit them directly to the app store through your iPad, which means developers can now build & submit Swift 5.5 apps using SwiftUI & Swift Package Manager.

It also provides support code completion & instant previews for additional help. 

The new swift playgrounds 4.0 supports UIKit & comes with a new snippets library, which gives you access to a plethora of different controls, symbols, & colors.

Welcome features of the Swift Playgrounds 4.0:

Code on iPad
Image Source: Apple
  • The projects created on Swift playgrounds 4.0 can be edited using the familiar Xcode 13.2.
  • It is able to launch a full-screen app on your iPad.
  • The ability to directly make & upload an app on the app store just using an iPad is a highly appreciated feature across the developer community.

This also eliminates the requirement of owning a Mac to build iOS apps, as your portable iPad is enough to get the job done.

But at the same time…

  • Swift Playgrounds 4.0 does not support Objective-C code.
  • You still cannot create apps for macOS, watchOS, or TvOs using your iPad.

Still, the new Swift Playgrounds 4.0 is awesome as it enhances the utility of this already powerful tool, further closings the gap between tablets & laptops. This might just be a far-fetched idea right now, but someday iPads might finally replace traditional laptops for good.

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